Empty the Cages!

By Joellen

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We hear it all the time...

"How is this dog not adopted yet?"

...every time someone visits the farm and spends time with our adoptable pups. They are sweet, adorable, affectionate dogs. So why have some of them - like Chunnu and her brother Munnu - been here for over 2 years?

Here’s the problem.

They are stray dogs. The breed is called the 'Desi dog' or the 'Indian Pariah dog', and they are indeed treated like pariahs. While pet ownership in India skyrockets, the strays are getting left behind. Breed dogs are purchased as a status symbol, while the dogs who should be the pride of India are left to rot.

Here at Peepal Farm, we pull injured and sick stray dogs off the street, patch them up, sterilize them, and release them back to their territory.

Sometimes though, when they are too young or injured (like Chilgoza - this super fly dude above), they can't survive on the street. Then we have to find loving homes for them.

But those are nearly impossible to find here, because...

  1. Most local people are afraid of dogs.
  2. Of the ones who aren't, most buy a breed dog.
  3. Of the ones who don't get a breed dog, most are just looking for a living alarm system. They will leave the dog on a 3 ft chain it's whole life.

That is not a life.

So what can we do now?

What do we do with all these perfectly adoptable dogs?

We have found places where this truly special and unique type of dog is loved, prized, and valued.

But there is just one catch...They're around the world!

But that won't stop us! We already have homes and fosters lined up for 12 of our dogs in the US and Canada, and the 13 remaining dogs all can find loving families and fosters too.

They just have to get there...

You can get them there.

Each dog needs:

  • A flight crate
  • A microchip
  • An excess baggage fee or cargo fee
  • A rabies certificate and import permit
  • Transportation to Delhi

The cost of all of these depends on a few factors (age, size, airline, etc) but let me break down how much we need in total...

  • $1400 to send the first 7 (That's $200 per dog! Such inexpense. wow)
  • $2,600 to send the next 5 (That's $520 per dog...nuthin'!)
  • $10,000-ish to send the next 13.

Now, I know the $10,000 might seem steep, but that's about $770 per dog. That is a piece of cake! and never fear...once we have raised enough to send a dog, off they go! You will get a party update every time a dog is sent to it's loving family. Until the big finale...no more dogs in cages!

Who doesn't like a party? and...

The perks are "yuge". Very bigly.

When you give a gift, we give you a gift back...

  • $5 - Get a thank you email from one of our pups.
  • $15 - Shout out on Facebook. We thank you in our live broadcast!
  • $25 - Name an animal! You get to name an animal at the farm.
  • $50 - Get a Peepal Farm Postcard sent straight to you!
  • $100 - Get a Peepal Farm Digital Care Package ;)
  • $200 - A custom Pet Portrait based off of a photo of your pet!

Donald agrees...

THANK YOU from Peepal Farm and our puppies (who aren't REALLY paying for your perks ;) !

Together, let's EMPTY THOSE CAGES!

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