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Change a world-wide taboo

Many young women are embarassed and ashamed of their menstrual cycle. They therefore don't ask questions and understand the impact the menstrual cycle has on their day to day lives.

Help me Empower

The menstrual cycle has a deep impact on every level, when women understand their bodies they can make more informed decisions, be a more understanding individual and become effective leaders!

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Emgoddess teaches young women about their natural cycles through a very simple program. Step one shows women the four phases, when they are in their cycle and how each phase impacts both physical and emotional aspects of their life. Then we teach how to identify these four phases and how they look for each individual by using a simple charting tool. Finally the course shows how to use this information to empower themselves each day.

The course has been delivered to more than 1000 women throughout Australia and Japan and 4 in 5 women reported they have a more positive attitude towards their menstrual cycle and better self esteem.

Evidence shows that an increase in self-awareness improves self-esteem and girls are less likely to put themselves in threatening or promiscuous situations.

Help me empower young women.

Girls want this information on-line. Many feel embarrassed to talk about their cycles in groups or in public places. Emgoddess WANTS TO REACH GIRLS EVERYWHERE.

Help us educate

Currently Emgoddess is only available as a face-to-face workshop. We want to reach women all over the world. We also understand that some women are in situations where they need or want to access this information privately. We want to make this information widely accessible by keeping the course fee affordable at $65 per course.

We will also share these training tools with charities like Support the Girls Australia, who work with women in disadvantaged situations.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

  • Personalised copies of the Emgoddess book.
  • Free access to the online course.
  • Emgoddess essential oil packs.
  • Donated books and courses to the Support the Girls charity on YOUR behalf.
  • Advertising opportunities including branding of the online course and online course materials.
  • Acknowledgement as a Program Partner.
  • PLUS receive a ticket to an exclusive Emgoddess event held at Perfect Potion Head Office (Banyo Queensland). If you can't attend face to face you will be able to Zoom into the event!

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