Empowering women from Kigali , Gisenyi and Musanze

By Faith Victory Association

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Rwanda is a country that has suffered a lot but is working hard to create a safe environment and new opportunities. There are certain vulnerable groups that need to be treated and helped in order for them to have better conditions and to work towards a better life. Empowering vulnerable groups is a good way to give them better opportunities. Such is the case of women and kids.

Faith Victory Association is Rwandan local Christian based organization which is located in Kigali/Rwanda and USA. We are dedicated to serving women and children in need throughout Rwanda. FVA aims to restore hope and is doing so by providing scholarships to orphans, job training to women, and counseling to genocide survivors, domestic violence education and therapy. This is all in accomplished in an eco-friendly environment. http://www.faith-victory.org/

Today in Faith Victory Association (FVA) we work with both women and children in Kigali, Gisenyi and Musanze. Since 2003 we are accompanied women, and we have seen changes in their lives and their families, feeling better with themselves and working together in the community.

Between the different projects, in Gisenyi and Musanze we work with three groups of women and one union of 50 cooperatives in order to empower them and help change their future and their family’s future.

Group 1)

Haguruka Ukore, meaning “Stand up and Work”, formed by 12 women that use to be sex workers and decided to work for a better life. They joined FVA in 2011.

They do hand baskets and dolls. Recently they received a machine to work faster and they are learning to use it. Still, they find it difficult to buy the materials they need.

The products are sold in the community.

Group 2)

“Hope of Amakoro”, integrated by 25 HIV positive women whose work is sold to support their treatment and families. Joined FVA in 2009.

They do different handcraft like traditional baskets, plates, dolls and paper necklaces and bracelets.

Group 3)

Ejo Heza Hazaza, meaning “Better Future” formed by single young mothers. Today, there are 18 girls who integrated the coop and are being helped by FVA in order to empower them by working as a community in agriculture.

The project started in June 2016. With donations a small parcel is being rented so they can work and cultivate beans or other products depending on the time of the year. The products are sold in the market, and also a part is for their own use.

This protect helps the girls to have a project, to work in community and to learn how to run a business by investing part of their income.

Union 4)

Imboniziterambere is the name of union of 50 cooperatives of women farmers in Musanze. The total members are 1507. All cooperatives are doing agriculture activity and livestock. They are growing maize and then they produce maize flour to be sold at the market.

For the three groups and the union resources are needed:

1) For all groups to buy health insurance (3,000 Rwanda Francs each, 4 USD): 55 women = 220 USD. Also, insurance for their families is needed, since it has to be for the whole family.

2) For the first 2 groups material is needed for them to work and create crafts so sell: 400 USD

3) For the last group, agriculture project, money is needed to rent the parcel for next year (20,000 Rwanda Francs): 30 USD

4) The Union needs masques, boots to be used at the garden (5000 Rwanda franc 1 masque 6 USD and 10000 Rwanda francs 1 boot, 12 USD):27,126 USD

In Kigali we work with women in agriculture and we have a sewing program so girls can create clothes and sell them. Today we have more girls than sewing machines so it is difficult for them to practice and to work, since they have to share. For instance, we need sewing machines so they can work faster and increase the number of girls in sewing activities. Each machine costs 80,000 Rwanda Francs: 100 USD

(The prices in USD are an approximate depending on the change rate)

The total needed to push their projects is: 30,126 USD

Also, we are trying to reach more women and re-engage with the ones that have left us. For instance, we need to raise more resources. Our target is to have, at least, 5 more women in each group in Gisenyi in the next six months.

Donate today and help us empower Rwandan women by having a job so they can build a better future.

You can contribute to change the life of the Rwandan women, be part!

Faith Victory Association


Tel +250 252 583899

Kigali, Rwanda

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