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The Obstacles

Twenty per cent of Australians have a disability*, and face additional costs to get physically active. For an able bodied child to try out the sport of cycling, their parents can hire a bike or pick one up for about $100. A child in a wheelchair needs a handcycle costing $1500- $12 000.A pair of running shoes costs around $200, a racing wheelchair costs up to $3000. So as you can see, there is great need for this charity.

If you’ve ever complained or procrastinated about doing exercise, taken the car instead of riding your bike imagine how much harder it would be if you couldn’t afford a bicycle in the first place because you needed a $3000 handcycle! That’s why our athletes need your help today!

What can you do to help?

Even a small amount can put a smile on an athletes face. Every dollar donated goes straight to helping athletes with disabilities realise their sporting goals.

This is why Sporting Dreams has decided to provide athletes with grants to cover these expenses. As each individual is different, athletes can determine how funds will best assist them to achieve their sporting dreams.

Join us today to bridge the gap for athletes with disabilities !

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