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A little bit of context

Electrofringe is a not-for-profit presenting platform that intersects artists, technicians, start-ups, and audiences. We host events and meetups for Experimentalists to open a dialogue, learn, interpret, realise, create, exhibit and innovate. We aim to lead the way in nurturing a vital culture of experimental electronic and tech-based art in Australia

But there’s a problem

Electrofringe has been running monthly meet-up’s at venues across Sydney including, function rooms of local bars, 107 Projects and at our houses. This has proven difficult and confusing for our community. A dedicated, well sized and well-located space such as this would allow us to get this regular meet-up program off the ground. Electrofringe has never had the opportunity for a dedicated space before, so this would be a valuable test for our needs and requirements as a community-run organisation.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We want to foster a unique environment that is timely to the recent Electrofringe showcases, and especially for the artists which exhibited who are now seeking spaces to develop and test their projects. By taking our community out of the underground warehouse spaces and bedrooms, and exposing them to a professional space in the CBD, we hope to help artists use their creativity to generate sustainable practices.

You can join us

You can use the space to develop your ideas, projects, host talks, host your groups' Meetups, run workshops, invite clients, run projection and sensor experiments, have private exhibitions, music rehearsals, software and product demonstrations. The opportunities and uses of the space vary widely. This is not a co-working space open to just anyone, and we are not making any money on this campaign, we simply want to get our community together to take up this amazing opportunity.  

We want you to make this space shine and full of bustling activity! Together, we have creative control to turn this space into a laboratory of innovation!

Check out the building and location:


More about the space

This is a Pop-up space, offered to us EMPTY, temporarily till sometime in May at extremely discounted rent, and so we have minimal facilities. The primary use is Electrofringe HQ, and that means a HQ for all of us! The space is in a professional, secure building. There is running water, a sink, toilets, lift access. We have also installed ADSL and connected electricity. There is no airconditioning but both walls are windowed. We hope at this price, people understand they need to bring their own equipment. And if you are staying longer, you'll need to bring your own table and chair. The space is also shared with no wall dividers. But it's SO BIG, we have space for all. We will have a schedule which shows all the people using it, and workshops on. People will have to respect each other's activities and respect neighbouring businesses. Strictly NO public access, events or parties.

Contact us

If you have any questions, want to come check out the space, or want in on the schedule of activities please contact:
kimberley at electrofringe.net
or call:
zero 421775 zero 79
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