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The General Election is on 12th December. 

This election we will be doing everything we can to ensure that the Climate and Ecological Emergency is the defining issue of this General Election.

We are planning a targeted campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience during the general election.

According to a recent survey, two thirds of Britons say climate change will affect their vote. Public concern about our rapidly destabilising climate and the mass extinction of the biodiversity we rely on for our survival is now at record levels. 

The policies of those forming our government over the next 5 years, are critical to our chances of success.

As winter begins to bite, Extinction Rebellion activists will engage in creative, powerful, funny and imaginative acts of rebellion to highlight the ultimate crisis of our time and catapult the Climate and Ecological Emergency to the top of the political agenda.

You can help put the Climate and Ecological Emergency front and centre in this election.

We’re asking for your help to fund this emergency election rebellion campaign. Your donations will help fund:

  • Actions across the UK during the election
  • Subvertising adverts in a bus stop near you
  • WW2 air-raid sirens, for special visits
  • All those crucial details... costumes, gazebos, superglue!

We all know how big business and vested interests bankroll political campaigns and how the media can set the agenda. But you can play your part in helping us speak for our Planet. Extinction Rebellion is a people powered movement and we need your support.

This is an historic moment and we must ask ourselves, if the science is telling us that we could lose everything - what would you do?

It is your actions that will take us forward in making the Climate and Ecological Emergency the defining issue of this election and help transform the agenda. When the Planet wins, it'll be your victory.

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