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What we currently do

EKO Kitchen is a community run field kitchen which supports the residence of Vasilika military refugee camp in Northern Greece. We currently pursue a variety of food related projects. Each morning we provide a healthy breakfast for the 200 children that attend school with us at EKO Project. We are also working to provide food boxes for the 1200 residents living at the camp. Families at Vasilika, like families all over the world, love cooking. EKO Kitchen, along with others, petitioned hard to make that possible. Residents at Vasilika now have access to essential cooking equipment and we strive to support refugees cooking for themselves and each other with the food boxes. All of EKO kitchens ingredients are sourced in Thessaloniki which directly benefits local Greek farmers and producers. Our volunteers are a combination of refugees and visiting volunteers. We aim to create a site for effective collaboration and community and provide the opportunity for a taste of home for those that have extremely limited options for food. The project is always evolving, as are the needs of those we support.

Where we originated

EKO Kitchen was founded out of a desperate need to feed thousands of refugees who were stranded in Greece after the closing of the Macedonian border in early 2016. Upon the eviction of EKO camp in June EKO kitchen has worked tirelessly to reposition itself to best serve the refugees at the new military site. Remaining independent has meant the project can respond directly to the needs of the community with almost no overhead costs.

Here is how far your donation can go...

5 € provides 1 food box for the week for 1 family.
15 € serves a fresh nutritious breakfast to 30 children.

Every contribution, however big or small, is hugely appreciated. It is because of people like you that this project is possible.

Check out our volunteer photos here on Tumblr and instagram:


Thank you from the EKO Kitchen team!

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