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This is not a news story....

This is a reality. 1000s of refugees are arriving in Greece every day, escaping the Syrian conflict. The Eko camp is one of many such camps ranging from Idomeni in the north to The island of Lesbos. These are people just like you and me, who once had normal lives, jobs and homes. They are now in limbo living in poor conditions. The Eko kitchen founders Tom Geisbuesch, Quentin Pennec and Josh Turner-Hunt started the kitchen 6 weeks ago and since then have been supplying fresh and nutritious meals to the camp daily. Having recently spent a week living and working on the camp, i soon realised that the EKO Kitchen was about much more than serving food, it is at the heart of the community. It gives refugees a place to work and hang out and live as much of a normal existence as is possible. And most importantly it gives the children a place to come and tease us and play (daily water-fights happen while we scrub the pots and pans).

The problem is...

It costs roughly around 350 Euros a day for us to feed the 2200 Refugees.This is a huge cost that means that the Kitchen is usually running with enough funds in the bank for the following few days. This massive £20,000 would mean that they could not focus on fundraising for a short while and concentrate on infrastructure and helping the refugees. It would also mean that they could make more Tabouli (Which goes down a storm).

Your donation...

Will mainly be used to buy the fresh produce that we use to create our soups, curries and salads. In addition to that it will help buy materials to help the kitchen run more smoothly.

This crisis isn't going away. And what this massive pool of donations will help do most, is give the EKO Kitchen team time to think of ways to fund the Kitchen long-term. (We are already in the process of creating an online store that we can start producing and selling items such as posters and T-shirts).

How much to give...

€1 is enough for 3 warm meals

€10 will provide 30 people with warm meals

€50 euros will provide 150 people with warm meals

€1000 euros will keep us going for a few days.

€20,000 euros will keep us going for an entire month.

Join us...

On our social media and we can keep you up-to-date on camp life. And how your generous donations are helping the people of the EKO camp.

Tumblr: http://ekokitchen.tumblr.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Eko-Kitchen-1726250234285...

Thank You. X

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