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A little bit of context

For 20 years Electrofringe has been bringing artists, technologists, their projects, and audiences together in a stimulating environment for creative, cultural and social exchange. The annual showcases provide opportunities to present new work, demonstrate practice, express new ideas, test prototypes, receive direct feedback from eager audiences, and connect with peers and industry partners. Through a range of regular Meetups and a workshop program, we look to create an ever-growing community network of people interested and practising within the tech and electronic space, through art, technical skill sharing, and social entrepreneurship. We aim to be the most open platform for experimental and radical projects in Sydney.

But there’s a problem

Due to increasing funding cuts from the council and government, organisations (like us) are having to resort to crowdfunding, excessive registration fees and high ticket prices as primary sources of finance for cultural production. This current environment is not a sustainable solution for public support for art and culture. In order to develop new cultural economies, we must consider ways to share the ownership of cultural production.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Our mission is in consistently supporting emerging electronic and tech-based artists through the presentation of work and ideas; To lead the way in nurturing a vital culture of experimental electronic and tech-based art in Australia through innovative programming and engagement with audiences. Being a showcase that's free to the public, and not charging any commission to artists and presenters, we expand the work presented and the audience to be as open, free and accessible as possible. We have regular Meetups in which our community can cooperatively make decisions and develop concepts for the showcase.

How the campaign works

Artists, musicians, presenters and workshop facilitators each have the option to create their own crowdfunding campaign under this main project. They create their own content and call out for what they need. They can also choose to sell their works or services through this. This encourages artists to generate their own income and cover their expenses. Additionally, on the main campaign, we are offering local businesses to pledge a small amount to set up a showcasing or demo booth. Any funds from this go to "topping up" each artists campaign, distributed equally.

You can join us

EF18 offers artists a platform to have freedom in what they present. We encourage works-in-progress, political commentary, DIY electronics, hacking, out-there apps, extreme project pitches, etc. Due to the open and unpolished nature of this, it's hard to access mainstream support. Therefore we are collectively crowdfunding artists costs.

We are offering co-creators & supporters

  • Space for you to promote or demonstrate your business, tech startups, design products, and projects
  • A dedicated post on our website
  • Screentime to present your showreel or demo in the cinema program of EF18
  • A dedication to you through all our networks and material

EF18: Your privacy is very important to us

Date: September 15th, 2018
Location: 107, 107 Redfern St, Redfern, Sydney
Time: Midday to Midnight
The event is listed as part of Sydney Fringe Festival and is FREE

After leaking private conversations, Amazon’s “Alexa” is not to be trusted. MIT’s wearable device can hear the words you speak in your mind. Makeup camouflage has turned commuters into clowns as they attempt to hide from face-recognition technology. In the post-privacy world, internet security is becoming increasingly fickle; humanity is remaining compliant but is posting memes as a coping mechanism.

'Your privacy is very important to us' investigates the ethics of personal data collection and the uncertainty it permeates for the individual and broader society. Personal data collection has transformed the way we live our very lives- location devices allow us to track the movements of our friends and family, computing devices are integrated into our cars, TVs and refrigerators and cookies allows online shopping to be effortless.

Do we truly cherish our personal data? Will the AI evolution shape a more connected and safe society? How can we trust organisations to use our data for good, not evil?

EF18 invites the first 20 submissions to exhibit or perform at 107 Projects as part of EF18: Your privacy is very important to us, to celebrate our 20 year anniversary. There are extra places for workshops and video screenings of your work.

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Kimberley Bianca

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