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Compost for the edible landscape garden

The project is up and running. From landfill we have rescued 150 cubic metres of organic waste per year, which has produced 70 cubic metres of good compost and composted mulch to use on the communal edible gardens.

We get the needed tools, thank to supporters!

we accomplish our goal in the third day of the campaign!

Very proud our support. big thank you!

We have the tools to continue with our composting and gardening activities.

Now leave us to dream in the next 2019 project.

A community composting demonstration site.
Here a conceptual infographic
Ediblescapes FB/ community composting Concept infographic

No worry, if you are kind to Donate still you can.

Community Composting Demonstration Site

Your support will help with our actual gardening and composting tasks and will allow us to further the design of a community composting demonstration site.

After a year learning the composting craft, we are in the process of conceiving a community composting model that transfers technology of rapid hot composting methods into bin bays. Our method will comply with composting regulations as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The goal is to become a demonstration composting site for community education programs.

You can join us

EdibleScapes are proud to develop the Edible Landscape Gardens, producing compost to amend and augment garden soil in order to produce high-quality social food.

$800 AUD, for essential tools will enable us to further our collection of materials for composting, as well as our planting and harvesting efforts.


We are happy to swap composted soil for your donation, or if you prefer, we could plant a fruit tree in your name in recognition of your contribution.

And here’s some organic perks for supporting us

With thanks to your generosity the essential tools we receive will help us to make organic compost, which will be used to grow edibles. We are happy to swap compost for your contribution or develop an edible garden area or grow fruits tree in your name.

By sponsoring/adopt a fruit tree today, you can bring nature and fresh fruit into the heart of a community for generations to come.


One For One: For each dollar you donate we can give you one litre of compost (pickup from Ediblescapes site).

Compost delivery,

If you donate over $50 we can deliver organic compost to your place or maybe you wish to sponsor the garden of your preferred community organisation. Delivery in the Gold Coast area only, sorry!

Sponsor garden area / Adopt a Tree / Tree gift

Would you like to adopt or sponsor a fruit tree or give it as a gift for birthdays, Christmas etc, or as a memorial for a family member or loved one in our edible landscape garden?

Adopting a tree is a fun and easy way to help Ediblescapes gardening and composting, help the environment and makes a unique and long-lasting gift.

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