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Congratulations to the 2018 - 2019 EDF Cohort!

We're launching our next cohort and building a stronger community because of young, driven, intelligent leaders. If you've waited this long, don't wait anymore. Support EDF and the next generation of EDF fellows.

Did you know?

The Ethiopian American diaspora are the 2nd largest African diaspora in America, and with a rapidly growing second and third generation they are also some of the youngest immigrants.

Ethiopia has the 2nd largest population in Africa and was recently named one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

A vast majority of Ethiopian diaspora millennials desire a way to understand their identity better and have a meaningful connection with Ethiopia on their own.

Did you also know?

Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship is the only organization in the U.S focused on training and sending Ethiopian diaspora millennials to Ethiopia for 6-month immersive fellowships.

So, what's the problem?

There are numerous young professionals here in the U.S who are looking to connect and grow into better professionals, leaders, and community members.

There are also partner organizations in Ethiopia, looking to connect with diaspora who come with a different perspective and provide knowledge-sharing opportunities.

EDF provides a bridge to improve this gap, as well as a meaningful experience for all.

What do we do?

Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship equips young diaspora professionals with leadership, service, and creative storytelling skills and then sends them to Ethiopia for transformative 6-month fellowships with Ethiopian organizations.

EDF becomes an agent for positive change by connecting these talented young professionals with organizations and people in Ethiopia. They make a difference on the ground in Ethiopia, in our partner organizations, and back in our diaspora communities!

This is not about a job - this about growth in 3 distinct areas - identity, leadership, and professionalism. EDF fellows are better leaders & community members and this benefits everyone.

We’re now in our 4th cohort and - our vision has become a reality because of you.

We are building the next generation of leaders that are curious, productive, effective, authentic and will help transform our communities.

You can join us... and you should!

Support EDF and you'll be supporting a new generation that is looking to serve, connect, and lead their community! It’s important now more than ever that we support this generation and our future!

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