Eagle Scout Project - Greenhouse

By Troop 211

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Pershing's Gardening Program

Pershing currently has a very strong program run by one of the teachers that teaches students how to properly care for a vegetable and herb garden. The students can choose to take Gardening as a class and throughout the year help care for vegetables and other plants that are then sold to the local community.

How can it be improved?

After hearing about this great program I went forward and offered to help them however I could for my Eagle Scout Project. Mr. Coursey, the teacher in charge, asked his students what they wanted to improve their garden and collectively they decided they would benefit most from a greenhouse. A greenhouse would allow them to begin planting much earlier in the year and to grow a number of different plants they would be unable to otherwise. With a greenhouse not only would the students learn how to properly use one but they would also be able to start selling a larger variety of plants and vegetables earlier in the year.

Building a Greenhouse

For my Eagle Scout Project I have decided to build a 30' by 6' greenhouse for the Pershing garden. I know that this will enrich the gardening program at Pershing and have a lasting impact on the local community.

How you can help?

The materials to build the Greenhouse are going to cost around 4,000 dollars. We need YOUR HELP to raise this money! Please support this worthwhile cause.

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