Dumped puppies cry for help

By RSPCA Queensland

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Abandoned puppies still need your help

Imagine being five weeks old and dumped in a box in a park on a cold winter’s night, away from everything you had grown used to in your short life – with no mum to look after you or keep you safe.

This is what happened to eight tiny Border Collie cross puppies who were cruelly dumped in a box in an Inala park on the evening of Wednesday August 22. Being so cold at this time of year, we’re really lucky that the puppies were found by a good Samaritan who took them to a 24 hour emergency care vet. Unfortunately, 5 of the puppies were not able to survive their atrocious circumstances and have since passed away. 

For the remaining three puppies, their abandonment was only part of their terrible plight. All of the puppies were suffering from hypothermia, were malnourished, with conjunctivitis and have life threatening Hookworm. At five weeks old this is a horrendous start to their little lives and requires intensive care to get them out of the danger zone – the first 48 hours were critical to their survival. Fortunately the 3 little fighters made it through the first 48 hours and are looking a lot brighter now but they are not out of the woods yet.

The puppies have been let down by humans in the past… they continue to need your help so they can receive the round the clock care and medications they need to make sure these puppies have long term futures – can you help by donating today?

Urgent vet care and medications are needed

The pup’s medication, disease monitoring and care needs will continue to be extensive for the next 2 weeks, as they receive the necessary medications to help combat hookworm and hypothermia.

For some of the puppies they still may not respond well to the treatment and this may result in further complications which could result in emergency abdominal surgery. For now it is still hour by hour with these three tiny babies and it is all hands on deck in the vet hospital.

Can you help these abandoned, sick puppies start their long uphill battle to a new life by donating today?

Please donate today

The investigation into the puppies dumping and their terrible state of health is continuing but the pups urgently need your help today. 

Please help these puppies survive their terrible ordeal and get the appropriate vet care and medications they desperately need for the next 2 weeks in the expert care of the team at RSPCA Wacol by donating now…

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