#HB4: Dr. Yvonne Kohnle for the Future Female Leader Force

By Yvonne Kohnle

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Why this fundraising campaign?

This fundraising is part of a one-year, groundbreaking leadership and strategy program for women called Homeward Bound #HB4. Homeward Bound participants are self-funded, with each participant contributing towards the cost of travel and accommodation on the boat. Ultimately, the aim of this fundraising campaign is to push our self out of our comfort zone, express our professional’s values that fit with the #HB4 program, develop project management, and communication skills over different media.

With this, I want to share the values that are important to me. If you recognize yourself in there please share this page and if you consider supporting my project by giving even only 1 euro, I deeply thank you!

Who am I?

My name is Yvonne and I work as a Marketing and Competitive Intelligence Analyst in the Tourism Industry. One of my current roles is to advise my company on the development of its corporate social responsibility strategy. I also teach at the University of Konstanz where I introduce my students to the basics of marketing and, above all, sustainability marketing.

I received my Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Constance where I studied marketing, behavioral economics, and motivational psychology. You can check out my qualifications on LinkedIn or Xing.

My favorite pastime is traveling Asia with my backpack, diving in the Mediterranean Sea and doing Yoga at Lake Constance.
I was selected amongst 95 women around the globe to participate in the Homeward Bound Initiative that aims to shape the world future female force. Homeward Bound is an ongoing 1-year, ground-breaking leadership and strategy program for women with a science background to contribute to a sustainable world both individually and collectively. With your contribution, I aim to be one of them.32654638_15367424004254_r.jpeg

What do I stand for?

I fight for a future where women are equally represented in leadership roles and where environmental protection is part of business decisions.

What is this Homeward Bound in a nutshell?

The Homeward Bound Initiative is a 12-month groundbreaking leadership program for women who have a science background.

The Homeward Bound Initiative has four core development components: leadership development, strategic capability, visibility and science communication, as well as science collaboration.

These are delivered during the 12-month program with:
-11 month online content and collaborative learning,
-3-day meeting on the ground meeting in Ushuaia in Argentina
-and an 18-day expedition to Antarctica.

These components are woven together into an integrated program, delivered by an expert global faculty. The live program is also supported by recorded content from leading experts and influencers within their fields.

The program comprises lectures, personal and leadership development tools, coaching sessions, visibility training and the opportunity to develop meaningful collaborations – in forums, in teams with a focus on areas of interest, and in small diverse cohorts.


Mother Nature Needs their daughters!

The mission of the Homeward Bound Initiative is to equip a 1000-strong global collaboration of women with a science background to lead, influence and contribute to policy and decision-making to ensure a sustainable future for our planet.

Watch the video of the Homeward Bound Initiative where they successfully communicate the programms´ aim:

If the video doesn't work you can click here.

Why me?

I want my life to be impactful and to be able to make a significant contribution to my surroundings. As far as I remember the environment has always been a serious concern to me.

While global warming is usually presented from an environmental point of view, the social aspect is not often enough brought into the light. Behind global warming, there are humans, like you and me making daily and simple decisions without realizing the impact they can have. Through my work and research, I am studying how to influence and push forward more sustainable consumption decisions.

Help me, to become one of those daughters!

The total value for this incredible initiative is 26,960 euros per participant. Each participant is self-funded and must raise money to cover the costs of the ship, administrative costs, and hotel stays in Ushuaia, Argentina.

Homeward Bound covers a major part of the cost through in-kind donation bringing down the cost to 15,000 euros per person. A detailed breakdown of the cost can be found here: https://homewardboundprojects.com.au/about/governance/

Additionally, another 3,500 euros is needed for travel to Argentina - where the voyage starts - plus the equipment and clothing needed to explore the wilderness of Antarctica for a total cost of 18,500 euros.

Through different sponsorship, I have already secured 2,000 euros + I can self-fund half of the trip but your contribution will directly help me in covering the remaining 8,000 euros needed to cover the operational expenses and 18 nights on board the ship to Antarctica.

If I fundraise more than 8,000 euros, then an additional contribution will be donated to the universal Homeward Bound scholarship fund. This scholarship fund enables female researchers from developing countries to participate in the programme.

Why should you help?

Your contribution, big or small, is a direct opportunity to make a difference, support and inspire future leaders to consider the environmental aspect as a key pillar of business development and improve the representation of women from all over the world at the decision-making table for future policy in science and industry.

Media Coverage

2018-09-Away Magazine: Expedition in die Antarktis

2018-10-Away Magazine: Interview: Mit Homeward Bound in die Antartkis

2019-01-Burda Intranet: 10 Questions to…

You can follow my journey to Antarctica:



Personal Blog

I would be happy if you share my project with your friends and peers.

Cheers from lovely Lake Constance,


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