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Ben’s story is an extremely powerful one but he is not the only one with a story to tell.

Our Mates

Lindsay Carter – 19 years old

  • Brain Tumour/Intractable Epilepsy

Joshua Brancatisano – 25 years old

  • Epilepsy

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Come and follow Ben’s journey on:


As you can see, Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) has taken him from a triathlon fit teenager to wheelchair bound and in constant pain. SPS affects 1 in a Million people, with only 20 people in Australia there is no money for research, Governments and Pharmaceutical companies can't and won’t justify spending money on a disease that effects so few.

“Medicinal Cannabis has not only saved my life but it’s given me a life” – Ben Oakley

Since then he has become a campaigner for Legal Cannabis Treatments to be available for ANYONE who needs access to this incredible medication.

Together we can raise money for Medicinal Cannabis Research to go towards treatments and hopefully a few cures for the many Rare Diseases.

These diseases are often very debilitating that affect the lives of those who live with them but it also affects the families who suffer along with them.

Can you Drop a Dollar?

In Australia today you cannot Post a letter for $1 but together we can make a change, YOU can help us to make a difference in the lives of a few and maybe open the doors to better treatments for other diseases.

Who knows what we will find when we open that door?

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Michael Oakley

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