Dream Network Journal archive

By Dan Kennedy (Sydney) + Inoshi (NYC)

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UPDATE APRIL 2020: As you can gather from the comments section of this page, we’ve raised enough money to complete our goals! We’ve bought and scanned the full back catalogue of the Dream Network Journal, and put it online. We’ve also organised to donate most of the pre-2000 issues to the New York Public Library, completing their collection.

We’re still open for donations though - all donations from now will go towards purchasing more journals for donation to another worthy institution. As a reward, all new donors, of any amount, will get early access to the website - which is online now. You can download the full set of DNJ issues there!

The Dream Network Journal

The Dream Network Journal was published from 1982 to 2015, a priceless archive of dream inspired articles, art, poetry and book reviews. Each of the over 100 issues is assembled around a theme, such as 'Dreams and Religion' or 'Dream Inspired Art and Poetry'. The journal has been influential in establishing a dream community in the United States and worldwide.

But there's a problem

The Dream Network website has been offline since 2016, and this treasure chest of knowledge has, since then, been hidden from public view. Roberta Ossana, the editor and publisher for 25 years, is now retired and living in Utah.

We believe the world needs access to the Dream Network Journal, and Roberta could really use and deserves some supplemental income. That’s why we’ve been talking with her, and together we've come up with a plan.

Our plan

We have a PDF archive of Dream Network Journal issues from 2000-2015. Earlier issues exist only as hard copies.

If we can raise $2500, we will purchase a complete set of Dream Network Journal issues since 1982 from Roberta and have them professionally scanned. We'll then make the entire archive freely available online. The hard copies will then be donated to a worthy institution to preserve this valuable legacy (even the New York Public Library only has copies from 2000-2014).

But why stop at one institution? There's only one spare complete set, but there's plenty of almost complete sets - so we've set the goal at $5000, and all extra funds will purchase smaller hard copy sets of DNJ issues for donation to other institutions.

What's in it for you

We're distributing Dream Network Journal issues in PDF form to all our supporters! You'll receive your journals long before the full archive is available online (We'll put it up during Q1 2020, we want you to enjoy your exclusive early access! Plus we need to finish this campaign, scan journals and do some website work).

We also have other booklets and benefits - see the 'perks' section for details.

You’ll also have the gratitude of Roberta and the whole world dreaming community for helping make this amazing resource available to everyone.

-Inoshi, Dan and Roberta

Title image: 'Luna Lights' (detail), by Brenda Ferrimani


We'd like to acknowledge and thank everyone who's been involved with the DNJ throughout its long history.

Firstly of course all the past editors and organisers before Roberta:

- The original Network: Bill Stimson - Dream Network Bulletin founder and editor, NYC (1982- ~1984), Sally Shute (Lucidity & Beyond), Chris Mathews and Doug Cohen (Fusion) and Suzanne Keyes (Dream Craft)

- Chris Hudson - editor, NYC (1984 - 1985)

- Robert Van De Castle (now departed) & Henry Reed (1985-1987)

- Bob Trowbridge, Linda Magallón & Jill Gregory, San Jose (1987 - 1989)

There are far too many exceptional people to thank, but some include:

Marlene King, who served as an advisor and faithful columnist for many years (and very kindly provided this campaign with two missing hard copy journals), Stanley Krippner, long time advisor and dream author, Deborah Koff-Chapin, contributing artist from day one, and Lorraine Grassano & Victoria Vlach, copy editors and authors for many years. Also Paco Mitchell, who was with Roberta as a mentor, advisor and contributor from the start, and Russ Lockhart, advisor and writer for the DNJ and author of many excellent books.

And of course to you for making this all happen!

Roberta and her partner Michael heading up a multicultural parade in Moab, Utah

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Team Members

Dan Kennedy (Sydney) + Inoshi (NYC)

Inoshi w/ EastWest Works