Dr Penny Whetton Memorial Fund

By Rice-Whetton Family

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Remembering Penny's life

It is with heavy hearts that we remember Dr Penny Whetton, who passed away suddenly on 11 September 2019.

Penny was much loved by her wife Janet and their children John and Leon.

Penny leaves a significant legacy, including her work leading CSIRO’s national climate projections work over decades, being lead author of three IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reports including the 4th assessment report which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

She was passionate about the natural world, a photographer, visual artist, weather watcher, and ardent Western Bulldogs fan.

In Penny’s memory, this memorial fund has been established to support revegetation and erosion control work at Sisters Beach in North West Tasmania, a place dear to Penny and her family, where Penny was when she passed away. Sisters Beach is surrounded by the Rocky Cape National Park and is home to birds and animals including hooded plovers and eastern barred bandicoots.

Like many coasts around the world, this special beach and coastal reserve is being impacted by rising sea levels, and suffering a death of a thousand cuts from coastal erosion and lack of resources being put into good management.

Funds will be provided to local coast care organisations, who are working to protect and revegetate areas of the precious coastal and riverside landscape at Sisters Beach.

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