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Who we are

We are 'Pic Me', a social enterprise that is rasing awareness for Domestic Violence in Children and how it affects them. With the amazing help of the Australian Childhood Foundation, we hope to raise money and help as much as we possibly can. Our product, wooden guitar pics, can be used for basically playing guitar or even as a fashion statement. Our wooden guitar pics will also come as a necklace, bracelet and even a key ring. Finally, we are also very grateful to be supported by the amazing band 'British India', so make sure you go and check them out!

The Australian Childhood Foundation

Every night in Australia 48,000 children cannot sleep in their own beds for fear of their safety. (AIHW Protection Australia 2016-17).

The Australian Childhood Foundation was started over 30 years ago by a group of passionate people who found major gaps in the child protection system. Today as a national organisation we are committed to supporting children and young people to help them heal from the trauma of abuse, family violence and neglect.

Abuse is a violation of love, that profoundly hurts children. But love is a powerful force that heals and protects children. When children have been harmed, they sometimes have difficulties in staying calm, sleeping, unable to trust adults, concentration and not feeling safe. Without the warmth and certainty of love, children give up on relationships, they hide, they despair and often reject those that try to reach out to them. We know that with our support and when they are safe and cared for, understood and hugged, they can recover from their experiences.

Your support will help these children to heal and bring love and hope back into their lives.

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Team Members

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