Don’t Dump 5 Million Tonnes of Toxic Waste 100m from our Creek

By Western Downs Alliance

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What's happening

Local farmers are fighting plans to dispose of 5 million tonnes in the first 5 years, and up to 15 million tonnes in total, of toxic CSG salt waste just 100m from Stockyard Creek in the headwaters of the Murray Darling Basin.

Glen Beasley is a farmer who lives next door to the proposed waste facility, and he fears that salt could make it into the river systems, groundwater or onto his land.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Please chip in today so that we can get an expert in landfill operations to review the company plans and identify any risks to local water sources.

Glen and his wife Barbara already have their family’s fifth generation farmer waiting in line to take over their 1,214 hectare cattle property, but fear that with the salt dump going ahead, they can’t guarantee a future on the land.

Dr Stuart Khan from the University of NSW has reviewed the waste plan and said that:

From a water quality management perspective, I would consider an operation such as this to be a high risk operation. The likelihood of contaminating groundwater and surface water over the long term is considerable'.

There is a legal cloud over this salt dump because it is going ahead without any assessment under the water trigger in the Federal environment law.

We’ve written to the Federal Government calling for them to require proper environmental assessment, but all they’ve done is write to the company.

You can join us

We shouldn’t be putting our water resources at risk in the middle of a severe drought. Please chip in today so we can raise the $5,000 we need to get an expert in landfill and waste management to review this risky plan.

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