Donate for Mothers & Children Retreat Spaces at Starick Refuges

By Starick Services Inc

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A lit bit of context

Starick is a charity supporting women and children escaping family and domestic violence.

Our vision is to build futures free from violence for the women and children who use our service and for the community as a whole. 1.6 million women in Australia have experienced some form of domestic violence. Escaping domestic violence is a major contributor to homelessness among women and children.

Starick's two refuges, Mary Smith Refuge and Starick House, offer short term crisis accommodation for women and children who need a safe place to stay. Our refuge teams work hard to provide an integrated service, with the aim of increasing a client's sense of safety and wellbeing.

Starick also provides support and programs specifically aimed at the children living in our refuges.

With this in mind Starick has been working to provide beautiful Nature Playground Spaces and Retreat Areas at their refuges, for the women and children who are staying there. Nature Spaces not only provide challenging and fun playspaces for kids to enjoy and become immersed in, they also provide a mini oasis of a natural landscaped environment with cultural connections, where woman and children can relax, create, imagine and reflect in.

Starick has been at the forefront of recognising the impact of family and domestic violence on children and developing our services for children. The Nature Playgrounds provide a wonderful and essential environment to support the needs and wellbeing of the children. The Nature Playspaces creates an environment for the children that supports free and creative play, emotional support, and general wellbeing. They are just great spaces for kids to be in!!!

The Nature Playgrounds add another dimension to the outdoor areas, allowing children to safely play and interact and enjoy themselves, and a natural space for mothers to relax in. They can greatly enhance the outdoor space and help create feelings of calm and wellbeing by bringing in a bit of nature to the refuge areas.

But we are not all the way there yet!!

Starick has managed to secure funding for two small Nature Play areas and retreat areas at their refuges, which are being built now, and looking great. But we need more funds to complete the project and provide more amazing areas of Nature Play for the children at their refuges, quiet and aesthetic retreat spaces for mothers and their children.

How will your donation help?

The money raised will go specifically towards the completion of Nature Play and retreat areas.

What you get back

All donations are tax-deductible as Starick are a registered charity. Knowing that you have helped a child’s day be a little nicer, by providing them with a little natural oasis and enjoyable playspace, in their time of need.

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