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Experiencing a stroke turns your life upside down in an instance. Sufferers can be left with paralysed muscles, struggling to walk, talk, eat.

You hold the key to a new stroke treatment

"In Australia, 55,000 people suffer a stroke every year," says Heart Research Institute PhD student, Jessica Maclean. "That’s one life changed forever every 9 minutes. “

"It's vital that stroke sufferers get treatment immediately. The longer a stroke remains untreated, the greater the chance that permanent brain damage will occur, leaving behind paralysis, speech problems and other disabilities."

The fact is, stroke is the leading cause of disability in Australia.

There is only one treatment available for stroke. And this drug can only be used for less than 10 per cent of stroke sufferers.

"That means over 90 per cent of people who suffer a stroke have no treatment to help them," says Jessica.

Help develop a revolutionary new clot-busting drug to treat stroke

Joe was at home with his wife one Sunday, when suddenly speech became difficult, and he had problems balancing.

He was rushed to hospital, but arrived too late to receive the necessary clot-dissolving medication. From there, things got worse as he developed a weakness on the right-hand side of his body and further loss of speech.

"The majority of strokes are due to a blood clot blocking blood supply to the brain, starving it of oxygen," explains Jessica. "Stroke treatment breaks up this clot, allowing blood to flow to the brain.

"In laboratory models, the new drug, when combined with existing stroke treatments, dissolves the blood clot more effectively than the existing drug alone, and most importantly doesn't increase bleeding."

The next step

The Heart Research Institute heavily relies on the support of forward-thinking and generous individuals. With your help, within five to 10 years, we could have a better treatment to help stroke sufferers.

At HRI, we are working with collaborators to reach Phase II clinical trials - which will test the effectiveness of the drug in stroke patients.

With the successful completion of the next research phase, the drug can proceed to commercial development.

How can you help?

Your donation will help turn the potential of a life-changing drug into reality.

“I’ve been making pasta for 25 years,” explains Joe. "I was pretty hands on in production, but then I had a stroke. It’s been 15 months; hopefully I’ll be able to get into pasta making soon. but for the meantime I sit in the office and do the administrative work”.

Your donation will help us turn the potential of our life-changing drug into reality.

  • $25 can buy 1 dose of our clot-busting drug.
  • $100 could fund 1 imaging scan of a trial participant.
  • $1000 could provide the full range of tests for a trial participant.

We need to raise $50,000 to complete the next step ahead of our Phase II clinical trial.

The sooner we complete our trial, the sooner we can help treat the 50,000 Australian stroke survivors each year who are currently without treatment options.

Show your support - and help us fight the debilitating effects of stroke.

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