Dollars for Dingoes

By Australian Threatened Species Centre

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Australian Threatened Species Centre, who are we?

A not-for-profit wildlife organisation set on conservation and education for Australia's most threatened species.

We advocate for the care of our native canine species the dingo, and our pack is expanding! 

What's so important about these dingo pups?

As our name suggests, the dingo (Canis lupus dingo) is a threatened species. With humans and civilisation encroaching on natural habitat, the interaction between the wild dingo and domestic dogs is becoming more and more common.

As a result the gene pool of the wild dingo is becoming continually diluted. With this as the case, it is becoming ever important to keep and protect the pure bred dingo that we all know and love, that is exactly what these pups are! before these particular dingoes are extinct in the wild.  

We need to build packs for the future as governments begin to recognise that they are important for our environment.

Why do we need another enclosure?

Our dingoes need space! This year marks another successful breeding season for our beautiful dingoes - we have 4 new pups! some of these pups will be brought up onto our shared site with Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre and Wildlife Australia in Martin, WA.

It is important to us that we provide the best practice for our animal welfare and a new enclosure is exactly want we need to fulfil our growing dingo pack.

We hope to add to the young pups daily enrichment with the large enclosure onsite so that they may run and play and do what all young pups do.

But we need your help.  We have so many induviduals who want to study dingo packs, but we need the enclosures and resources to offer this.  

Why so much, you ask?

Our site in Martin WA is predominantly a bush site. In order for our enclosures to be safe for our dingos and volunteers, we need to drill into the rock bed and install electric fencing (dingoes can climb and dig) this will be an expensive project for us but is vitally needed in the long run. 

So how can you help? 

So what's Dollars for Dingoes ? 

A little amount can go a long way...

  1. If a large number of people can donate to our cause we can easily raise our goal to assist us with the construction of our $145,000 enclosure, 
  2. not only will this campaign help us with the construction of the site, but is vital to educate the Australian and International public on the importance of this amazing and iconic Australian species. 
  3. With the construction of our enclosures we will be able to educate even more people - and actively  participate in conservation efforts and breeding. 
  4. We also need help with funding to care for and feed the dingoes currently in our care.    

What's in it for you? 


Ever met a Dingo?

Donate $2000 and you will get to name a dingo pup and meet the pack. This money will go into the care of that dingo pup.

Donate $1000 and you will experience walking and playing with a pack of dingos including the pups. (maximum of 5 people per visit)  


Donate $500 and you'll get to walk with our gorgeous alpine dingos: Alex and Amy.  


Our perks are limited so get in fast! 

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