Do it for the Kids

By Sarah Blangiardo

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I met co-founder of the Kindling Foundation Jen Kyna this year. She told me the story of how the Kindling Foundation came about and I knew then and there that I had to be a part of it. She told me how the story began in South Africa in 2010 through a chance encounter between Maria Gaba (above!) a woman with a flock of hungry children at her house.

Maria had for years been struggling to take care of a growing number of abandoned children from her local community. With so many mouths to feed she sought help from others and when Jen literally ran into Maria's friend at an airport help had been found! Maria now has over 35 children in her care and this number keeps growing.

Her story resonated so deeply with me that I jumped on board to volunteer my time. I, along with 15 other Heart-filled people, are heading to Maria's house this November to support, hug and build on the already full-hearted community. Why? Because they need it!

Maria needs help maintaining the vegetable garden which is the main source of food for the kids. Her home also needs some love. Walls, cupboards and floors need restructuring and fixing. It's hands on work. Why? Because they need it!

The team will also plant over 100 trees, providing sustainable food to the people of Africa. Why? Because they need it !

The disabled orphanage also needs support and help from us. We will provide food, clothes and laughter for these kids, teenagers and adults during our trip. Why? Because they need it!

This trip needs your help to raise enough money for all the projects said above. At least $2500 is needed but the kids could always use more.


I'm all about the Heart which is why I'm going on this trip. So I can offer you some Heart goodness.

A Heart-full hand written letter filled with love, poetry and preciousness.

A special Audio Heart Meditation, guiding you to your heart. Something you can have forever and ever.

And if you're feeling generous and in need of some heart loving. I'll teach you how to get to your heart in a private one hour session. Just for you, with love.

If you don't need any heart, because you are filled to the brim with love, you can still donate to the kids (above right) Why? Because that's love right there.

Lost of love,

Sarah xxx

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