Find an LGBTIQ+ friendly doctor near you (Australia)

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A little bit of context

So we know that a good doctor is hard to find. They don't understand your gender, or they are dismissive when you ask for a certain test. It's painful and expensive to find a doctor who will take the time to really work with you.

There are good doctors and LGBTIQ+ specialised clinics out there, but they often have loooong waiting lists, are only in the inner city.

We've seen so many people asking for doctor recommendations in LGBTQ Facebook groups. But how do you know if they're any good?

So we started asking around

Surely, organisations/community groups keep lists to refer people to good doctors...

We found a few lists around the place of good specialists or GPs just for gay men in NSW, or the trans community in South Australia.

Why is there not a national list for the whole LGBTQ+ rainbow?

So, we started one.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We're building a map of all the clinics and clinicians around Australia who YOU nominate as good. We'll be taking self-nominations from clinicians too, but we will screen them before they are put on the list.

We also understand that a doctor who understands HIV and PrEP isn't necessarily great for the whole rainbow community -- so we want you to be able to search based on your identity. We want a great search feature to find by:

  • Gender identity or sexuality
  • Location
  • Languages spoken
  • Bulk billing
  • Services (like if they offer emergency contraception, or starting hormones with informed consent)
  • Wheelchair accessibility of the clinic
  • The clinician's gender and sexuality
  • And many more

We need your help

Unfortunately, we do not have any funding* to do this. We are not part of the large LGBTIQ+ organisations around the country. We are gathering data from existing lists and working with community groups to understand what each part of the community needs.

We want to do community consultations with gay men, lesbian, bisexual/pansexual, trans and gender diverse, non-binary, intersex and asexual/aromantic communities, as well as our intersections in disability, refugee and migrant, linguistic and culturally diverse, and neurodiverse communities. We also want to build a consultation committee that covers a broad range of identities and locations across the country.

But we have no money. We're two members of the community (bi+ cis woman of colour, and a lesbian, genderfluid, non-binary person) who are passionate about building this resource. Please help us to do it.

* We received $1000 from Lesbians Incorporated for promotional purposes at Midsumma Carnival

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