Ending The Cycle Of Abuse

By Divinely You Inc 501-C3

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Together we can end the cycle of abuse.

By the age of 18 years old 3 in 5 people have survived abuse. Some have experienced sexual abuse, others mental, others physical but the overwhelming numbers don't lie. But that is not the problem.

The Problem is that of those 3, they are 75% more likely to experience abuse again, by either remaining the victim, abusing themselves (food, substances) or becoming an abuser themselves.

This cripples their lives. It effects us all. People struggling with the backlashes are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression and other dis-eases, this makes it challenging to be truly successful at work or at home.

There is a solution.

Over the past 20 years, I have been an activist for the end of abuse. There are steps to recovery (which I cover in the 4 steps to overcoming past abuse our program) however, the main shift happens when a person that has survived abuse takes their power back and defines themselves. This begins with personal development. I have never met anyone abusing themselves, stuck in abuse or being abusive that has high self-worth and personal awareness. This comes when we choose to know, love and respect ourselves and allow this personal awareness to bless those around us.

You can join us

It is our intention to give our 100,000 4 Step programs, and host 33 Celebrate You concerts and public education events to boost self-esteem and get those in need of it, the tools, coaches and community they require to step away from the cycle of abuse and end it once and for all. For themselves, their families and the future generations. And we need your donation to help us get the word out and gift these courses and scholarships.

Supporting us goes a LONG way and looks super good!!

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* The 4 Steps To Overcoming Your Past program (and share it with your friends)

*Recognition at the next Divinely YOU event and on our scholarships

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