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Disposable Heroes Rooster Sanctuary

We are a small sanctuary providing a 'forever home' to roosters, one of the most malinged and disrespected of all domestic animals.

Currowan Bushfire

Sadly, the Currowan bushfire on the NSW South Coast impacted our property. Whilst all of the roosters and other animals were saved by evacuation and with the help of our neighbours, considerable areas of the sanctuary infrastructure was damaged or destroyed, including: several 1.8m posts, approximately 200m heavy-duty galvanised fencing mesh, 200m high tensile wire, 200m 30cm 'skirting' wire, electric fencing, feed shed and feed, medicines and health-care items. In addition, a large eucalypt overhanging the sanctuary was burned and will need to be removed by an arborist.

If possible, we'd like to raise a little extra to help us set up a sprinkler system to protect the sanctuary area in the future. Our (somewhat bungled) evacuation experience, and the devastating experiences of others have shown us that in a bushfire emergency, packing and evacuating scores of roosters is simply not possible. We got lucky this time, next time, we hope to be better prepared in case there's no time to evacute the roosters.

Any help is appreciated

We know there are so many worthy causes in the world, and so many other wildlife and animal sanctuaries being impacted by fire in Australia at the present time, but any little bit helps. Sadly, we can't offer perks at this stage, as the remainder of our fundraising supplies, stored in a caravan on the property, were also destroyed in the blaze.

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