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A little bit of context

Detroit4puertorico's mission is to connect up to 50 island families with targeted resources needed to reverse the devastating impact of hurricane Maria.

But there’s a problem

Detroit4puertorico was formed to support targeted families and prioritize needs. A majority of these families live in the city of Yabucoa, the region hit by the eye of the storm. Contributions will also support families in neighboring communities such as: Aguada, Bayamon, Caguas, Humacao, Patilla, San Lorenzo, and Toa Alta.  

Donors receive the benefit of knowing their tax deductible contributions helped stabilize the crisis associated with either permanent or temporary displacement from their homes, jobs, and or no immediate access to the basic needs necessary for survival. It is important to note that contributions will be deductible for either the 2017 or 2018 tax year.  Detroit4PuertoRico has submitted the appropriate 501c3 application and IRS application forms.  We have been issued a federal identification number and are awaiting the IRS review period (3 months or 2 years) to release our pending status.  We will send communications to all donors notifying you which tax year your donation can be deducted.

Please join us by aligning our efforts to make a measurable difference is made in the lives of others.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Family Helping Family

A small group of cousins came together to discuss the impacts of the category five hurricane that hit Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017. Each Detroit family member brought unique contributions to the planning process. The group drew from their backgrounds and expertise in the areas of non-profit community economic development, licensed optometrist, business and logistics, and construction industry competencies in order to maximize impact efforts.  Knowing each family members unique circumstances, group members began to compile a list of aunts, uncles, first cousins, and their children.  A list was created detailing those in need and then prioritizing help based on the following criteria: housing, medicine, water, food, electricity, daily living supplies, relocation coordination, and job placement assistance.   Based on intermittent conversations with island family members and news reports, the group decided to develop a six month plan.  Reports of families being robbed for their supplies prompted Detroit4puertorico ( a pending 501c 3) to agree on a phased distribution strategy. Phase one included establishing immediate communication with family members and completing a family assessment for the targeted families.  Over the course of the next months, the group will ensure the delivery of the resources needed for each family identified and regular website updates for donors. As an official TSA approved shipping company with American Airlines, Detroit4puertorico has been able to ensure the safe delivery of donations. 

You can join us

Our monetary funding raising goal $200,000.  We seek your support to raise $33,333 a month for the next six months.

The loss of property and damages may never be fully recuperated. The appropriate claims with FEMA have been filed.  But, due to the devastating impact of the hurricane, there has been no estimated time of governmental support and the recovery is projected to take years!  With limited access to banking services and families inability to work due to business shut downs, resources will need to be made available to purchase basic produce, and perishable items until normal island services can be made available.  Connecting families with conservative monetary resources over the next six months will provide some assistance to make their basic needs. The Detroit4puertorico will ensure the distribution of resources are prioritized based on need and urgency. Resources will also be used to purchase supplies being delivered but not collected at donation sites.

Detroit4puertorico will also be accepting donations of items at three southeastern Michigan locations.  Non-used items only pleaes.  Please remove all price tags from the items and and mark the items with  a sharpie marker with the word "donation."  Please visit our website for a complete list of items needed.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Please visit our website for regular updates on the families we are helping and donation drop off location details.

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Team Members

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Anita Martinez

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