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2016 has been a terrifying year

for people of colour and those who believe in a compassionate, inclusive and equal Australia.

We've seen an emboldened racist fringe, increased fear mongering, more racially motivated attacks, the rise of far-right racist populists, and more.

We need a circuit breaker.

Enter Democracy in Colour - a new movement of people of colour and allies using technology and distributed organising to tackle racism.

We'll work in three main ways:

  1. Run long-term campaigns tackling structural racism by building community, lifting up marginalised voices, and organising allies.
  2. Execute rapid response campaigns to interrupt racism from political, cultural and corporate leaders.
  3. Promote the voices of people of colour in public debate by building leadership, capacity and ensuring those most impacted by racism are leading the fight.

The team:

We are a group of people of colour who believe in the fundamental equality of all human beings. We are campaigners, creatives, storytellers, organisers, strategists and technologists with decades of experience creating change between us.

But we can't do this by ourselves.

With your donation we can:

  • Employ campaigners to enable members - people of colour and allies - to channel their energy and amplify their political power through coordinated action.
  • Construct new narratives to reframe issues and shift public debate.
  • Study the latest research on shifting human values and behaviour to engage new audiences.
  • Lift up marginalised voices in Australian public debate by training people of colour leaders in best practice campaigning and communications skills.
  • Go directly to communities where One Nation's divide-and-rule politics is most effective - highlighting our common humanity through listening tours and targeted doorknocking.

We're at a crossroads.

Continuing with the status quo will see more far-right racist populists turn neighbour against neighbour by blaming minorities for the suffering caused by a system that is wrecking people and planet with increasing ferocity. It will see different cultural and ethnic groups dehumanised. And it will tear apart the rich tapestry of our diversity that makes us strong.

We need to tell a different story. A story of an Australia where the colour of your skin has no bearing on access to opportunity. A story of our shared humanity and prosperity. A story of open hearts.

Together, we can model the country as we know it can be. A country where everyone - regardless of skin colour, cultural or ethnic origin, sexuality, gender or class - can succeed.

Join us: DONATE and SHARE!

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Team Members

Tim Lo Surdo

Keith Huang

Neha Madhok