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By DCH1 Amazonians United

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DCH1 Amazonians United is an organization of mostly Black and Latino workers at an Amazon warehouse on the southwest side of Chicago. The majority of us are women, and many of us work multiple jobs while taking classes, raising our children, and supporting our elderly family members. We are organizing to permanently improve the conditions at our warehouse and for all Amazon workers. And we are working hard through this pandemic to keep our city supplied- please support us!


Seeing all of the heart-warming acts of solidarity and mutual aid happening across the communities of Chicago and throughout the country has inspired DCH1 Amazonians United to organize our own mutual aid network.


While Amazon has publicly announced a policy to give workers sick/quarantine pay, several of our coworkers under CDC-advised self-quarantine due to medical status or recent travel are still getting the run-around by Amazon and have thus far not been able to get that pay. We will fight until we get it, but in the meantime funds are running low for medicine, food, baby supplies, and rent.


Everyday we hear about the struggles of our coworkers at nearby Amazon warehouses related to coronavirus and other crises, and we want to support them and build community & solidarity with all workers in our same situation facing the same challenges.


The majority of us can't afford to "shelter in place," and as our jobs are classified as essential to society, we have no choice but to continue the strenuous work of sorting and delivering supplies to everyone placing orders from their homes across Chicago. Not only does this increase our risk of contracting coronavirus, we have children at home from closed schools, and elderly family members who require extra care.


Please contribute to our efforts to sustain ourselves in this moment of crisis, while building our self-sustaining organization to support each other in our continued fight for better working conditions, health insurance, higher pay, and paid time off for all Amazon workers.

Our mutual aid team from our organizing committee will manage the funds and distribute them to our coworkers based on urgency and need. Updates will be shared publicly about the status and effects of all funds contributed.

We appreciate any and all contributions that you are able to make!

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