A New Location for Daylight Church!

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Daylight Church was planted in a Louisville movie theater five years ago as a “church for not-so-churchy people” founded on four pillars: Service, Study, Worship, and Rest. We are an inclusive church committed to service and outreach in the Louisville community. Our regular activities include feeding displaced and impoverished people, serving those in recovery, and supporting other local nonprofits and ministries. Over 15% of all our in-house giving immediately goes out the door to serve other causes.

We have recently come under contract for a new location, a former Knights of Columbus building just west of Bardstown Road. A generous benefactor is donating the cost of the building ($430,000) and $110,000 toward the remodel. We are raising the difference of about $75,000.

A remodel of the property is needed. It will include new HVAC systems (the furnaces are 40+ years old), extending the parking lot from 70 spaces to 100, exterior and interior paint, a refurbishment of the sanctuary space including soundproofing, lighting, chairs, a soundbooth, and more. We will reshape the space for our kids and nursery and if our dreams are met, we will convert an outbuilding and pavilion to our youth area with new insulation, heat and air, and garage door enclosures that would allow us to use the pavilion during all seasons.

The property is perfectly situated in a community that already uses it as a gathering place. They host monthly dinners and a weekly dance hall for seniors and there is a commercial kitchen that will propel us toward monetization of our food truck for use feeding homeless residents in Jefferson County. Being firmly planted in a local community has always been our desire and we can hardly wait to get started. We are committed to meeting difficult needs in our community and this building will allow us to do so much better.

Thanks for your consideration. No amount is too small and we’re excited to partner with you to make this dream come true.

For full details on the site and how the money will be spent, check out our video, "Making Progress" here: https://vimeo.com/370727101

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