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A little bit of context

Domestic violence affects many people each year, with numbers on the rise. The Walk for Olivia fundraiser, is designed to create awareness and raise funds for victims of Domestic Violence.

Olivia's story

Let me tell you a story about Olivia. Olivia was a truly beautiful woman, both inside and out. Sadly, her true beauty was hidden by the darkness of domestic abuse. Olivia died never really knowing her true beauty and value. My name is David Palmer and Olivia was my mother. Olivia's story is typical of so many. I invite you to support me as I honour my mother. Help me to help others find their way out of the darkness of abuse as I walk the UK’s famous, Coast to Coast walk, both in honour of my dear mother, Olivia, and to raise financial support for victims of Domestic Abuse.

Olivia's story on Facebook and YouTube received over 1,000 views in its first two weeks online (see For the Beauty of Olivia: David Ivor Palmer / Believe You Can on YouTube).

Here’s what we’re doing about it

All finance raised from the Walk for Olivia Fundraiser will be donated to DARE (Domestic Abuse Recovery & Education) FORMAL WEAR, Strathpine, Qld, Australia.

We invite you to support David Palmer, as he walks the UK’s famous, Coast to Coast walk, both in honour of his dear mother, Olivia, and to raise financial support for victims of Domestic Abuse.

Together, we can make a difference!

Through the Walk for Olivia Fundraiser campaign we look to raise $12,000 towards the desperate needs of victims of Domestic Abuse. DARE is a not for profit charity, founded and led by Moreton Bay, Qld, Region Citizen of the Year for 2018, Karen Johns.

Through DARE, Karen assists victims of Domestic Violence by providing everything from supplies, food, transport and much needed support to help get people back on their feet when they have nowhere else to turn.

DARE is often the first point of contact a victim of Domestic Abuse has when they are in urgent and desperate need. DARE needs the resources to assist those that come to them, and together, with your help, we can help to provide the safety and security that victims urgently need to restore their dignity and sense of worth.

Join Dave on his Amazing Journey!

Through YouTube and Facebook, you can join Dave Palmer on his amazing journey for the Walk for Olivia on Wainwright's renowned Coast to Coast walk. The walk covers over 300 km from one side of England to the other. Through the picturesque Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors, be inspired by Dave's fun-loving exploration, stunning photography, personal reflections, inspiring commentaries and beautiful locations.
In the warm up to the Walk for Olivia you can join Dave on his own personal Grand Tour of Europe (on a shoestring) and see what pre-walk adventures he gets up to. Join Dave's video journey on YouTube at: David Ivor Palmer / Believe You Can

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