Founding Visionary Campaign

By Dewey Artist Collaboration Incorporated

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First off, who is the DAC?
We are dedicated to empowering a creative community. Our mission is to empower our artists through resources, career growth, and opportunity to showcase their work in a unique environment. In return we ask our artists to dedicate themselves to our charitable cause giving back through our Art Reach Art Therapy program, beautification projects, creative community enrichment, and so much more!

We have been a 501c3 since February 2018 and we are dedicated to our mission. Right now we are growing the base of our organization and need the community to boost us to get to the next step! During August 2018 we are searching for our Founding Visionaries. A visionary is a person who plans for the future with imagination or wisdom, and we are looking for 100 in our community to invest in our future.

What are we raising the money for?
To us this is our biggest goal. We have a specific vision of our future and our purpose, and we can't wait to grow our roots into the community!
1. The Warehouse: We will be building (10) Artist studios and a bathroom that artists will be able to use 24/7. It will be open to the public during the Holidays and Summer months. Our artists are free to sell their work, work in a collaborative environment, and be inspired by each other. This will be a huge milestone for our organization, as well as be the first space of its kind at a low price available to artists in our community. Getting a plumber, electrician, and contractor will use the majority of these funds.
2. We are in major need of a computer and basic office supplies, plus key event items like pop-up tents and tables that we currently rent, which isn't sustainable. Any left over funds from this fundraiser used for our most needed items.

Perks & Tiers
Friend of DAC- $50 Donation
-Thank you Card and DAC Sticker

Founding Visionary- $100 Donation
-Your name on a metal leaf on our DAC Family Tree Installation
-Complimentary ticket to one of our (3) Fundraising Events Taco Mania, Art in the Yard Funland, or The Creative Sauce.
-Thank you Card and DAC Sticker

The DAC Founder- $1,000.00
-Your name (or quote) on one of (5) doors of the Warehouse. Only 7 sides are currently available.

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Team Members

Leah Beach