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We are a couple that do everyone possible to save so many sick, injured, abused, neglected and abandoned cats and dogs in Cyprus. We have been saving lives for 17 years, literally from the day we moved to Cyprus from the UK. We run the shelter from our home. We give 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For the first 10 years we were using our own earnings, which was not a lot; Cleaning houses/cars, teaching computer lessons, cooking... basically trying to earn what we could to help so many suffering cats and dogs, as well as look after ourselves. We bring them to our home where they could get veterinary care, food and love. We now depend on donations and fundraising as I have had to give up my career as running an animal rescue is a full-time job!

During the 17 years we have been rescuing we have always paid and used our own vehicle for rescuing, vet runs and airport runs. We rehome our rescues to the UK and other EU countries. We can't afford to do this any more. The repairs, regular services, tax, MOT and insurance is more than we can earn for ourselves and have up until now never used donations to cover this. We now need a new vehicle as firstly ours has become unreliable. It also is too small for large dog boxes, they just won't fit!

So we now need to raise funds to purchase a van purely for our rescue work, and need your help please. The fundraiser is to purchase a second hand van as a new one would be 3 times more.

We need a van to continue our rescue work as without it we can't transport the rescues to the vets, which of course is a regular trip! We also need it to transport a minimum of 5 pets that we rehome to the UK/EU each month.

We have rescued thousands of cats and dogs in the 17 years we have been in Cyprus and really want to continue doing so. We have a monthly youcaring fundraiser we run each month to pay for veterinary care, food, shelter repairs, steralising, TNR, vaccines, microchips, operations, emergency vets, brooms, cleaning products, mops, electric, heating, water, transport boxes, collars, leads, flea/worm treatments....... the list is endless.

Please help us help them and stop the suffering.

See our story and more info at

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