CWA Drought Relief

By Country Women's Association of Australia Ltd

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The big dry

The current drought means that people in rural Australia are doing it tough. We often hear that people want to help but aren't sure how to be most effective. In the past 18 months the Country Women's Association (CWA) has distributed over $30 million in household support to drought affected families.

But who do I give to?

There seem to be many individuals and organisations collecting for drought. Its hard to know which will be the most effective. Do you give goods or Cash? Which organisation? How much of what you give will get to where it is needed?

We will collect and distribute where needed

All donations to the CWA for drought relief will go to the drought affected. The cost of administering the funds is covered by the CWA members across Australia.

Donations collected through this page will be distributed to the State / Territory Country Women's Associations based on where the need is greatest and their level of available funds. These decisions will be made by the CWA of Australia Drought Committee, comprised of representatives of each State/Territory CWA.

No amount is too big or too small

All the funds will go to drought affected farmers, farm workers and their families. Funds are distributed in grants of up to $3000 for households expenses - groceries, utility bills, school costs, rates and fuel.

Anything you can give will help, across Australia we are distributing around $150,000 per week when funds are available.

Helping communities not just families

By providing household support, drought affected families have money to spend in their own communities, they have the money to buy things they could not otherwise afford. This in turn helps the businesses in that town - the butcher, the baker, the hairdresser.

Donations on to this page are not Tax Deductible, if you want to make a tax deductible gift you will need to choose a specific state CWA. You can find links to them here

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