Corporate Responsibility Rankings

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How can I buy from more responsible companies...when their products all look the same?

As conscientious shoppers, we probably all feel pretty clueless. Most of what we buy gives us no indication of how responsibly it was made. And yet the few products that do are almost just as confusing. This bread says it’s USDA Organic, but what is its carbon footprint? This air conditioner has the Energy Star mark, but how well were the workers paid who made it?

We tend to have that sinking feeling that the purchases we’re making everyday make a huge impact on the world…but that we also have very little way of knowing what exactly that impact is and how to steer it in a better direction.

Enter CR Rankings

CR Rankings would end this confusion. If enacted by the government, Corporate Responsibility Rankings would rank all companies by how responsible they are. How much a company pollutes the skies, pays its workers, gives to charity, and more would all factor into these 0-to-10 rankings. CR Rankings would then be printed in all storefronts and as product labels on anything you can buy. It's kind of like Nutrition Facts, only for how good or how harmful each product is for the world.

The Difference

So, unlike the current nightmare of trying to buy more responsibly made products...with CR Rankings it couldn’t be any easier to buy responsibly.

That new transparency would be huge for consumers. But CRR would have a second, arguably much bigger impact: businesses would finally have a financial motivation to be more responsible, a motivation to better treat their workers, the environment, and the communities in which they operate.

Because CR Rankings would attract more customers, businesses would then be motivated to compete for higher CR Rankings in order to win your business. Businesses would, in other words, be financially motivated to do all kinds of things they currently want to avoid: paying their workers more, drastically cutting their carbon footprints, paying their taxes in full, donating more to charity, taking much bigger steps to curb sexual harassment at the office, and much more.

With businesses fighting day and night to be more responsible than their rivals, we could eventually turn around many massive problems fueled by corporate irresponsibility, from income inequality to global warming.

Help make CR Rankings a reality!

In order to make CR Rankings law, we need funding to expand this project into a national campaign. That means hiring staff members, running an office, canvassing citizens, lobbying members of Congress, making more videos to get the word out about all the good CRR would do, and much more. If you believe in CR Rankings, help us make it a reality by donating today!

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