100km World Record Attempt

By Crow's Path

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A little bit of context

Crow's Path has provided magical, nature-based experiences to the Burlington community since 2010. Amazing, dedicated parents and curious, inspired kiddos have spread the word about our programs as we have grown into a wonderful, vibrant community whose central fire is a connection to the natural world! We are commited to serving the whole of the Burlington community, offering financial aid to families who need support to participate in our programs.

But there’s a problem

But there are many barriers beyond the financial that can prevent families from participating in our programs. There are also ways in which our program dynamics, staff/participant demographics might serve as barriers for people to show up at Crow's Path as their full selves, something we aspire to.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

While on her sabbatical, Lauren Akin's focus shifted from learning different song and music traditions and skills to looking at systems of oppression and the cultural forces that reinforce these. Through her work on sabbatical (and as a volunteer with Black Lives Matter and the Peace and Justice Center) she has brought a new lens with which we can look at the work we do and how we do it, to look for ways in which our programs might unintentionally reinforce larger patterns of power and privilege.

We're looking to support her in a new part-time staff position that will help us self-reflect, adapt, and connect our organization as an ally to organizations and individuals in the Burlington area who are working to address these issues as we seek to create a open community where everyone can truly show up as their full selves.

You can join us

To help inspire people about what is possible, Teage is attempting to break the world record for 100km run barefoot. We're looking for people to sponsor a kilometer of the run for just $10 to help us raise $1,000.

You can also join us out on the track: August 13, 2017 @ UVM's track from 5am - hopefully noon. Feel free to come out and watch or come out and run a lap, a kilometer, or an hour (goal pace is 6:45/mile)

What you get

By donating just $10 to sponsor a kilometer of the world record attempt, you get to participate in an ultramarathon run without worrying about getting any blisters. You also are helping Crow's Path grow and develop and better serve our community.

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