Hridaya France: Building a European Centre for Meditation & Yoga

By Hridaya Yoga France


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Support our dream of a home for

Hridaya in Europe!

Support us by making a donation or buying a voucher for a yoga and meditation retreat at our centre for 20% off our regular price. Your voucher will be valid for 2 years.

In the heart of Europe, we are building a dream: Hridaya Yoga France, a non-profit yoga school and meditation retreat centre in the beautiful Beaujolais countryside outside of Lyon. We are committed to making this place accessible to everyone, regardless of background or financial constraints. It will be a place where you and thousands of others can find the way to your hearts and to real transformation. But, in order to make this dream a reality, we need your support! We are seeking €50,000 to enable us to open this July. Join our crowdfunding campaign now by giving a gift or getting a gift and be part of building YOUR home for Hridaya in Europe.


French version/version française:

Hridaya Yoga s’apprête à ouvrir en juillet une association de yoga et de méditation en France, au cœur de la campagne Lyonnaise. Dans le cadre verdoyant du Domaine de Longeval nous offrirons des cours et des retraites à prix réduit, afin que l’enseignement du yoga soit accessible à tous. Nous lançons cette campagne de crowdfunding pour réunir les €50,000 dont nous avons encore besoin pour finir les travaux et faisons appel à votre enthousiasme et générosité pour nous soutenir dans cette dernière ligne droite !

Rejoignez Hridaya France en faisant un don ou bien en choisissant l’un des packs offerts sur cette plateforme – sachez que les packs de retraites et modules incluent 20% de réduction ! Toute contribution, selon vos ressources, qu’elle soit de 1 euro ou de 1000 euros, nous approchera du but !


How you can support us

Help make this dream come true by donating money to the project or choosing one of the many perks offered:

  1. Give a gift: Donate €25, €100, €500, €1000, or any amount that your heart desires. If you prefer to contribute offline, you can contact us at [email protected]. We will receive all such donations with much love and appreciation.
  2. Get a gift: Choose a perk as a gift in gratitude for your contribution. Buy a quotations book or a voucher for one of our yoga and meditation retreats in France for 20% of regular price.
  3. Help spread the word: Post the campaign on your Facebook by clicking the share button on top of this page.Your help is invaluable to the success of the campaign!

Find more information about our programs on our website.

Our story

For the last three years, teachers and students of Hridaya Yoga have been seeking to open a European home for the teachings of the Heart, following the experience of our first school established in Mazunte, Mexico in 2012.

After an expansive search throughout Europe, we found just the spot: Domaine de Longeval, a stunning 7.5-hectare property in France. This peaceful, forested location is the perfect place to share the wisdom of meditation and yoga.

Since last May, a team of dedicated volunteers has poured much love and energy into restoring, transforming, and beautifying the place. We plan to open as a non-profit meditation and yoga retreat centre this July, but we need your support to make it happen!

We still need to raise €50,000 for this project see the light and are calling upon everyone to join us and put a brick of love in our castle of light! Even if you only have the resources to give €1, every bit of love helps us on the path to meeting our goal.

Our vision

Hridaya Yoga France is a non-profit organisation committed to making its programs and teachings accessible to everyone, regardless of financial situation. This will allow more people to experience the benefits of yoga and meditation.

We do this by offering:

  • Low course fees for all programs
  • Cheap accommodation options, including dorms
  • A scholarship programme

After our operational costs are covered, all proceeds will be reinvested in the organisation in order to develop more educational opportunities and allow a community to grow on-site.

The 3200-square metre main building will house:

  • 78 guests
  • 35 volunteers and teachers

The site will include:

  • Two large yoga halls for retreats
  • Three smaller practice rooms
  • A vegetarian restaurant serving over 350 meals daily
  • A vegetable and herb garden created on permaculture principles
  • And many more projects yet to be developed!

Year-round, the centre will offer a full program of:

  • Yoga courses
  • Silent meditation retreats
  • Workshops
  • Karma Yoga

How the funds will be used

  • €2,000 will help create beautiful vegetable, herb, and flower gardens
  • €2,500 will equip a professional kitchen
  • €3,500 will create accessible pathways and a ramp
  • €3,500 will supply our yoga and meditation halls with 120 yoga mats and 250 meditation cushions as well as benches, chairs, yoga blocks, and items for the altars
  • €6,500 will renovate our primary yoga hall, providing a new floor, a heating system, electricity, a sound system, and insulation
  • €12,000 will be put towards the €60,000 it will cost to create a completely natural and ecological sewage system
  • €20,000 will furnish 43 bedrooms to accommodate spiritual seekers

Merci !

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