Crossing Borders Festival 2018

By Siriol Hugh-Jones

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Crossing Borders Festival is a music and arts festival run in Brighton and Hove for Brighton’s “Sanctuary on Sea” during Refugee Week. The festival aims to celebrate refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants through their music and art, past and present. This year marks 20 years of Refugee Week and we want to make our celebrations as big and as inclusive as possible. We are holding a series of refugee-themed concerts on 16th, 17th, 20th and 21st June, and the week finishes on 24 June with a free public event at Brighton Dome and Brighton Museum entitled “Together”. That will be a day of art, music and theatre workshops, book readings, board games, dance and table tennis, with a parade led by the Hummingbird Project in collaboration with Same Sky. Also on board for that event, is the “Great Get Together”, the organisation set up in memory of the late Jo Cox, MP.

But, we can’t run all the great workshops and concerts we have lined up without some additional funding.

We know that Brighton is a welcoming place so we are hoping for a bit of public support for the festival ahead of the week itself. We are aiming to raise up to £4000, but every pound you give will help us fund workshops as diverse as puppet making, Ndebele doll-making, West African drumming, an introduction to playing a string instrument or an Iranian/Kurdish music workshop. Or it will help us pay for some of the venues we are using for other events earlier in the week. Or help us pay the travel expenses of refugees and asylum seekers so that more of them can attend the week’s events. And if we manage to cover all that then any surplus raised will go to the work of Sanctuary on Sea, the organisation that engages all communities in promoting the inclusion, welfare and safety of everyone who comes from abroad, is vulnerable and needs sanctuary in the city, with a particular focus on refugees and asylum seekers.

And as a thank you...

A donation of £50 will give you and a guest free entry to any Crossing Borders festival event, £30 will give you free entry to any Crossing Borders festival event, £20 gives you entry to any two events, and if you give £10 you can claim a Hummingbird heart free at the "Together" event on 24 June.

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