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A little bit of context

Croatia Helsingborg is an non profit organisation that have existed in Sweden since 1979. Today we have around 400 members and 2,600 followers on Facebook (Croatia Helsingborg) also we builded our own clubhouse in 1997 in Helsingborg that we are using the for events. The most alive section in the community is the football team that is also our best merchandise in the city of Helsingborg. With former professional player Fred Svanbäck as the coach, who played for Helsingborg IF and Finland national team, we have big potential to make progress with the football team! Now we want to step up to the next level, and that is to attract our players to our clubhouse. The players have mentioned it many times that they dont feel that they beelong to this community as they dont have direct contact with all members! The players are spending only 15 minutes at the clubhouse every week as their changing rooms are 500 meters away from our clubhouse! So now we want to attract our players and thanking them for their hard work by building changing rooms so they can have their meetings and spend more time at the clubhouse before the match!

But there’s a problem

We have a big opportunity to build changing rooms, but our main problem is the financial problem as we are an none profit organisation and our other income can not cover costs for building the locker room. That is why this is our second campaign. The first campaign was at the and it went verry good as we got 4,000 SEK (400€) ..well that is always a good start!

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We have received building permits from the city that is given varanty period for 5 years from 2018-05-05! Now we are just waiting for a start permit and the building can begin! At the same time, we have already gathered the necessary materials for floors, ceilings, doors and also staff to perform work. We have received a big donation from Hornbach, which will sponsor materials in the value up to 80,000 SEK (8,000 €)!

This will give us wind at the start and I believe we will end the constructions before November 2018!

You can join us

We need 20,000 SEK that is about 2,000€ that we will spend on new benches for the locker room! So are you ready to give our football players nice comfortable benches?!

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

If you live near by Helsingborg, you can rent our beautiful clubhouse for weddings, birthdays and other events! Our club house have capacity for 150 persons, with kitchen, toilets and a nice porch! To rent our club house we are charging 4,500 SEK (450€) for none members and 1,500 SEK (150€) for member. If you donate you will get a discount of 300 SEK (30€) as a member and 1,500 SEK (150€) as a none member! Otherwise you can get our jersey for matches with our club emblem! Just e-mail us your name and adress at the

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