It takes a community to protect a village. Cremorne, Tasmania

By Cremorne Community Action Group Inc.

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The Cremorne Community Action Group Inc. needs your help.

Cremorne is a small seaside community in southern Tasmania. It has around 250 houses, some of which are holiday homes, the rest inhabited by permanent residents. It is surrounded by farmland and local surfers and fishers launch their boats here to access the bays and remote Shipstern Bluff. Neighbours exchange overflow from their vegie gardens over the fence, kids roam the suburb, always safe within viewing distance of a neighbour who knows their names. People move to Cremorne to be a part of a village. Families stay for generations!

Recently a developer proposed the construction of a concrete 4 storey apartment building in this village. This 9.5 metre high building features a penthouse apartment, lift and a below-ground garage, and seeks to place a 26 metre long 7.1 metre high concrete wall within 1.5metres of the adjoining neighbours’ boundary. One of the issues identified in the council planners’ report is: “the prevailing character of the Cremorne area is low density coastal development, consisting almost exclusively of single or two storey single dwellings. It is considered that the proposed development would not be reasonably expected in this residential area”.

The aldermen of the Clarence City Council voted unanimously to refuse this development application which received 126 submissions from concerned residents and others who oppose this proposed development. The Acting Mayor described this as “a massive amount of representations…as many as I’ve seen in my time at the Council, and I’ve been here 40 years.” However, the developer has chosen to appeal the council’s decision at the Resource Management and Planning Appeals Tribunal.

The Cremorne Community Action Group Inc. was formed in 2017 in response to a changing planning environment and is seeking to support the defence of the original planning decision, and represent concerned members of the community in this process. The cost estimates for this process exceed $30,000!

There is genuine concern that should this developer succeed, other applications that are inappropriate to the seaside village of Cremorne, and other coastal settlements, will follow. This could forever degrade villages and communities like ours.

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