Creating Jobs For Resettled Refugee Women

By Burlap and Cashmere

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When resettled refugee women move to the United States they have to leave behind their family and friends. They struggle to find the same “community” and family life that they left behind. The majority of refugee women suffer from some sort of depression shortly after they arrive. Most refugee programs focus on the men by helping them write resumes, find jobs, get their drivers licenses and even enroll in school if they want. However, there are very few programs that directly benefit the women of the family.

Burlap and Cashmere, Inc. was created out of the growing need for the resettled refugee women to find a job and help contribute to their families. This helps build their confidence and gives them a feeling of empowerment. The greatest benefit of working for Burlap and Cashmere is that these women can work from home. They do not have to worry about finding child care or transportation to a job, both an added financial burden.

While most of the refugee women preformed some sort of handicrafts in their native country, they are unsure of the opportunities that America can provide. They do not know how to go about finding the right outlet for their talents. Burlap and Cashmere offers the outlet and direction that they need.

Burlap and Cashmere, Inc. only hires resettled refugee women to make our very own tote bags and purses. We provide all the materials and training needed to make the bags and they are paid a fair wage. While they are working for Burlap and Cashmere, they also have the opportunity to receive training on how to create their own designs and set up their own online store so they can become independent business owners.

We have several women who are very interested in working but we are waiting on funding. Please consider making a donation or purchasing one of our totes. The funds earned from selling our products goes directly back into Burlap and Cashmere to hire and train more women. It takes about $3,000 to sponsor a refugee lady. This covers the cost of her labor and the material to make between 75 and 100 bags.

Our products are sold on our online store. We are actively looking to also sell our bags in retails stores. If you have a store or know of someone who would be interested in selling our bags, please reach out to us on our website here -

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