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By Footscray Community Arts Centre

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About FCAC

As an independent charity, FCAC invests in valued-aligned relationships with partners and donors who deeply care about the transformational role arts and culture plays in communities. Your support creates waves of ongoing impact, creating space for important conversations that shape a cultural landscape which is representative of the rich and diverse stories communities have to tell.

FCAC is a 45 year strong independent arts organisation, and the largest creative precinct in the western suburbs of Melbourne. We platform and prioritise the art and voices of artists from communities of focus: Indigenous, migrant and refugee, disability and LGBTQIA+ communities. 

What your support means

Our public program of 1,700 events engages over 86,000 visitors annually, paying close to $1 million in salaries each year to 550+ creative practitioners and arts managers from Melbourne’s west and beyond. We are passionate about the role we play in our local economy, and maximise impact from all support we recieve. 

FCAC operates in a highly competitive funding landscape. Only 33% of FCACs annual funding comes from stable operational funding. The remainder is generated through the delivery of FCAC programs, project grants and donations each year. 

All donations - small or large - make an impact.

Where your donation goes

Donations to FCAC go towards exciting intiaitves including:

- Contributing toward artistic projects and free events to be accessed by the communtity.

- Investing in technical equipment we need to deliver creative experiences to community, and be used by our artists

- Supporting the maintenance and upgrade of our unique and iconic buildings and grounds, including ensuring we contribute to environmental sustainability accross the precinct.

Go the extra mile: become a Patron or Community Champion!

For those who want to go the extra mile and pledge support to enable FCAC’s cultural and artistic program with big impact, donors can become Patrons ($500+ annually) or Community Champions ($1000+ annually). Patrons and Community Champions can choose to be publicly acknowledged on FCAC's website and in our print collateral.

If you are interested in becoming an FCAC Patron or discuss a major gift, please contact Robyn Gawenda, Executive Director and Co-CEO

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