C P R – The Center for Physician Rights, Inc.

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C P R – The Center for Physician Rights

Over the last five years, a physicians’ advocacy work group has been studying increasing infringement of physicians' due process rights through abuse of administrative regulatory procedures and misuse of peer review and fitness for duty assessments.

We’ve heard hundreds of physicians’ stories about having their careers irreparably harmed by wrongful disciplinary proceedings in medical licensing board, physician health program and peer review proceedings. Innocent hard working physicians were being subjected to unwarranted investigations, ordered to attend costly privately-owned evaluation and treatment programs and disciplined without justification or recourse. The breadth of the abuse, career derailment and lack of legal remedy was shocking.

We also discovered how quickly one becomes immersed in a costly, drawn out process at which one’s very career is at stake. Neither physicians nor in many cases their counsel were aware that while these entities wield tremendous power with state-granted immunity (i.e. they can’t be sued), they operate entirely free of government oversight.

We’ve individually offered guidance and support to physicians who find themselves immersed in what amounts to “guilty until you prove yourself innocent” administrative proceedings. 

While we plan to continue helping physicians and counsel prepare for these proceedings with utmost diligence, we’ve realized the need for an independent organization which can more effectively offer a body of knowledge and experience, coordinate these activities, expand the scope of individual volunteer efforts and present itself as the definitive physicians rights advocacy program.   

C P R Provides A Coordinated Approach

C P R – The Center for Physician Rights

Until now, there has been no central resource for physicians facing such challenges that offers knowledgable guidance and support. Their counsel too have had to negotiate this very complex environment, invariably “reinventing the wheel” in advocating for their client and often unaware of its dangers.

C P R – The Center for Physician Rights builds on the diverse efforts of our advocacy study group and expands its scope. 

C P R intends to serve as the “go-to” knowledge resource for physicians and their counsel, briefing them on the unique dangers of the medical administrative legal system and offering an array of approaches to consider to most effectively respond to these proceedings. 

C P R will monitor developments nationally and stay abreast of emerging legal and policy developments. We will offer a free service for physicians to confidentially sound out their cases. And we’ll provide vitally needed peer support; with one’s career in the balance, these ordeals are extremely trying.

C P R will be dedicated to bringing about substantial change in strategic ways. We’ll facilitate topical research, undertake legislative advocacy, and outreach to the medical and legal communities. As an independent non-profit, we will be the visible organization fighting to protect physicians’ rights and to ensure transparency and fairness. 

You’ll find more about our mission, our services and our plan of development on our website: www.PhysicianRights.net

In sum, after considerable study and individual efforts, we’ve recognized there’s an immediate need to have an organizational non-profit identity which can devote itself not only to provision of direct services but also pursue initiatives that will result in definitive change. 

We’re excited about this unique initiative and hope you’ll support its launch.

Thank You!

Deepest appreciation for your interest and support of this initiative.

To stay apprised of our growth, please visit

C P R – The Center for Physician Rights

and be sure to sign up for updates.

We would love to hear your perspectives and any recommendations you might have. Please use the contact form on this page. And we would welcome your referral to any other parties who share our vision and who might assist in C P R’s development. Over the course of this campaign, we will provide updates as the fundraising appeal progresses and keep you informed as we grow.

If you know of one or more physicians who could benefit from our services, please encourage them to contact us at info@physicianrights.net so we can establish a time to talk. Our initial case review consultations are free, confidential and without any obligation.

Many thanks! We hope to be of service to the medical and legal communities in advocating for physicians' rights.  

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