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Horse racing is built on a foundation of deception, exploitation and inherent cruelty. It relies on the public remaining largely unaware of what really happens behind the scenes. Its victims, the horses, need their story told. Can you help make this happen?

ABC's 7:30 has revealed in graphic detail the appalling treatment of racehorses after they finish racing. Despite repeated claims made by the racing industry that they love and care for the horses they use and that less than 0.5% are being sent to slaughter, finally the evidence of large numbers of racehorses being killed for pet food and human consumption has been exposed.

Watch the breaking episode here.

CPR have spent over a decade investigating and exposing the cruelty behind the glamourous façade of horse racing. ABC's powerful story on 7:30 has now shown Australian's and the world that horse racing has unequivocally lost its social licence. What we saw was only part of the story. Stay tuned as CPR vows to continue its fight for justice for racehorses.

We need your help to make this reach the masses.

We must ensure as many people as possible are EXPOSED to the brutal reality of horse racing. They need to see this shocking footage released on ABC's 7:30.

We need to splash our ad firmly across billboards where hundreds of thousands of commuters will not be able to look away.


Help us to reach the masses by donating to our powerful upcoming billboard campaign that will be strategically placed for greatest impact.

Donate now to shine a light on this industry’s darkest secret and help us end horse cruelty.

To learn more about our work for horses used by the racing industry, visit our website at

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