COVID-19 Survival Fund

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A little bit of context.

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting a huge strain on CatCafe Lounge's future life-saving capabilities. 100% of CCL's revenue comes from guests and potential adopters. LA initiated their Stay At Home order in March and has since implemented mandatory 50% occupancy reductions. We need to fundraise to cover these gaps. Funds will directly:

  • Provide a safe place for over 30 kittos (lease & insurance expenses)
  • Provide care and rehabilitation for our kittos through our small team of caregivers/matchmakers who work incredibly hard
  • Provide supplies for our kittos & facility

But, most importantly, funds will allow CCL to continue to save more cats! 

Additionally, we’ve created a new outdoor option that provides CCL a “covid sustainable” option for years to come. So if LA County closes indoor operations, we would have an option to continue to operate, as opposed to having to shut down entirely, again!

Why save CatCafe Lounge?

WIthout CCL, hundreds of cats will not be saved from the streets or shelters and ultimately...euthanized. Since opening in 2018, CCL has helped save 425 cats! Just think where those cats might be if CCL didn't exist?

CatCafe Lounge is like a rehabilitation center for cats. It was designed to provide an enriching space that fulfills all of their behavioral needs. Plus, we have an ameowzing and genuine team of caregivers that help rehab our cats and assist them in finding their perfect furever home.

Just some of our 425 kittos saved! (plus 416 more!)

Featuring: Suki, Hulk, Wally, Kyle, Scout, Parker, Zane, Maurice, & Mila

Funding needs.

In total we need to raise $42,000 to fulfill financial obligations through October and to implement the outdoor Catio enrichment project that will keep us open beyond that.


  • Provide a safe place for over 30 kittos (lease & insurance expenses, etc)
  • Support our small team of caregivers/match-makers who work incredibly hard to rehabilitate and care for our kittos
  • Provide supplies for our kittos & facility

$9,500 CATIO: THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DONATED TOWARD THE CATIO, IT IS NOW A REALITY BECAUSE OF YOU! The Catio will provide outdoor enrichment for both our cats and our guests. Funds went toward:

  • Installing a screened partition wall to create a secure space for our kittos to enjoy fresh breezes,
  • Custom building and installing of 19-20 shelves and perches, several long bridges for traversing the space vertically,
  • Custom building and installing cat enrichment features like ramps, several cat ladders, cat steps, and a rope climbing feature.

The Catio

Here’s some amazing purrks for supporting us. 

There are 3 base purrk raffle options:

  • Free visit
  • Private visit (for up to 7 people max)
  • Unlimited visits for a month

Plus, larger donation purrks to increase your odds of winning one of the 3 base purrks. If you can’t afford to donate, OR just want to help out more, you can become a fundraiser by sharing with your friends and family! More details below.

See donation options panel for purrk (Perk) details! Or if you do not live locally, or prefer, you can donate without choosing a purrk.


Now Chuffed offers individual crowdfunding option so that you can share our fundraiser with your social network. This means you can sign up as a fundraiser, you set a fundraising goal for your network to raise, and have an even bigger impact on our fundraiser total. 

Plus it adds a bit of competitive fun. Check out the link below that says, “SIGN UP AS A FUNDRAISER” to start raising funds within your network. For example, if you sign up as a “fundraiser”, you would create a goal target, like say $5,000, and then share your fundraiser with your network, via social media, email, etc. Whatever funds you raise toward your goal will go toward our total fundraising goal.

Lets talk PRIZES! If you set up an individual fundraiser and achieve your funding goal, we will reward you!

Prizes by goal reached:

  • If you set a goal for $500 and reach it, you will win a branded CCL in-store merchandise item. *Does not include COVID Collection
  • If you set a goal for $1,000 and reach it, you will win unlimited visits for you, the fundraiser, for 1 month.
  • If you set a goal for $3,000 and reach it, you will win unlimited visits for you, the fundraiser, for 6 months.
  • If you set a goal for $5,000 and reach it, you will win private entry to CCL, once a month for a year.

Does your company match?

Make your donation go further by requesting your employer to match your donation. Many organizations, like Apple and Disney, have a corporate matching program, see if yours does!

About Chuffed.

We chose Chuffed because it is THE ONLY crowdfunding platform that ensures the nonprofit you are donating to gets 100% of your generous donation, meaning a percent of the donation is not lost to credit card fees. Instead, Chuffed adds on top of the donation, so you’ll notice a small fee, because cats shouldn’t be penalized with credit card fees. In the US there is a credit card fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 transaction charge. Chuffed uses Stripe, Android/Apple/Google Pay, plus Paypal. All reputable payment processing centers.

Thank mew!

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