COVID-19 GTA Frontline Service Workers Gratitude Fund

By Climate Justice Toronto

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Who feeds us, who cares for us, who keeps our cities clean, who stocks our supplies, who builds what we need, who transports us? 

Climate Justice Toronto is launching a fundraiser for Frontline Service Workers in the GTA who need support: those who our society tends to leave by the wayside; those we don't glorify or materially support; those working long hours to stock shelves or work cash at grocery stores; those who are putting their health and the health of their families at risk by going outside every day, and making sure we have what we need to survive, yet do not get the proper protective health supports or additional compensation; those who don't have the luxury of staying home and practicing social-distancing; those who are often doing this work for a minimum or near-minimum wage; those who are often being overworked and putting in extra labor due to being short-staffed. We see you, we appreciate you and we recognise that something has to change. When our society is cracking at the seams, it's not the bankers or the traders who hold us together, it is you!

The government has recently announced that it will give out $2000 per person as part of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. However, we know there is already a backlog to receive this funding, with approximately 4 million people expected to applyOn top of that, we know there is a gap in eligibility for this funding, including frontline workers who are still at their jobs under perilous conditions. 

We will be giving out one-time stipends to Frontline Service workers who apply to the fund through our online form. The exact amount of the stipend will depend on how much we can raise!

With your support, we can provide direct assistance to people and families in need!

  • A donation of $20 to $25 can provide a month’s worth of cleaning supplies for a family of 4 
  • A donation of $50 can provide a family or individual with a dozen loads of laundry and detergent
  • A donation of $100 or more can provide one to two people with groceries for a week

We anticipate a large number of applicants and want this fund to be able to reach as many folx as possible, so please donate what you can.

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