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By Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Inc

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Carbon reduction pays for itself

Many non-profit community organisations can't afford to pay for solar PV or energy efficiency measures even though these are 'quick wins' that would 'pay for themselves' in 3-7 years. CORENA solves that problem for them by assessing the best way to reduce their carbon footprint and giving them an interest-free loan to pay for their Quick Win project.

Community groups repay our project loans just out of the savings on their power bills. They reduce their carbon footprint without ever being out of pocket, and once the loan is repaid their savings on power bills mean they can spend more on their services to the community.

NOTE: The funding target shown at top right is a typical target for our projects, not necessarily our current project. As soon as one project is fully funded, we start allocating donations to our next project.

See details of our current carbon reduction Quick Win project, and the actual target amount and amount raised so far for the current project, at This is the project that your contribution will help fund initially, but you will in fact achieve much more via our...

...perpetual revolving fund

As CORENA Quick Win carbon reduction projects 'pay for themselves', every dollar we receive in loan repayments goes straight back into our perpetual revolving fund to help fund subsequent similar projects.

This means that your donation achieves a LOT more than you might expect. Initially it will achieve its face value at the project we are raising money for at the time you donate. Then, as that project starts making quarterly repayments back into the revolving fund, a portion of your money will help fund many subsequent projects. Then, as those subsequent projects also start repaying their loans, part of your money will be used yet again....and is never 'used up'!

For example, $100 donated to our very first project four years ago has either directly or indirectly helped fund 19 of the 22 projects we have funded so far, and has already achieved $237 worth of carbon reduction. And that figure will continue to grow over time as we fund more projects.

Projects completed so far

See details of the carbon reduction projects CORENA has already made possible by clicking the links on the Home page of our website


We don't offer perks as such. The 'perks' are all inbuilt in our revolving fund model. You get:

- a chance to 'do something' to reduce the climate threat by achieving carbon reductions that otherwise would not happen

- 100% of your donation is spent on tangible projects (CORENA is a lean machine run entirely by volunteers)

- Your donation is tax deductible

- Best of all, whatever amount you chip in now, the benefit of your contribution will continue to snowball over time via our revolving fund!

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