Goathand bushfire mitigation needs new equipment and goats.

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Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are in one of the most bushfire vulnerable regions in Victoria. With fire seasons increasing each year new methods are needed to mitigate the risk without further destroying ecologies and their habitats.

Goathand is developing a unique method of environmental bushfire mitigation. Our combination of goatherders using hand tools and Boer goats as dynamic woody weed eaters and stompers is a highly effective and sensitive way to reduce fuel loads and dominant weed species, and to renew indigenous biota in the steep gullies around Daylesford and Hepburn in Central Victoria, as can be witnessed in Happen Films latest production:

Our method does not require any pesticides. The goats are light on the earth and they favour introduced species such as holly, blackberry, gorse, hawthorn and broom. Using solar-charged electric fencing means that any sensitive indigenous biota on any site can be fenced off and therefore protected.

We’ve been doing this work on a volunteer basis for the past several years, attempting to model new ecological methods of land management in southern Djaara peoples’ country.

We need your support

We’re gearing up for another intense bushfire season and we want to keep doing our work as volunteers on common land, but we require some financial support to add some new tools and goats. We are seeking funds for a tandem trailer to transport the growing herd, and this trailer will double as a mobile shelter ($3000). We also need three new electric fences ($1000), and three young nanny goats ($1000) to join the herd.

Brad and I regard what we’re doing as a highly effective model for weed and bushfire mitigation. We are small-scale goat herders who understand how – with sensitive, well-managed browsing of goats and permacultural chop and drop methods of fire-prone woody weeds – indigenous flora, fungi and fauna can be returned to country.  

If you’d like to support our low-impact biological method please consider funding us and please share our campaign.

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