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Cupcake was rescued by Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. with her severely emaciated mother and her 9 siblings when she was less than 3 days old. Born in a hole her mother dug in a back yard, her and her siblings struggled to stay alive, her mother far too young and severely emaciated with life threatening anemia gave her babies everything she had and now it's our turn to repay the favour, it's our turn to help save Cupcakes life.

(Cupcakes mother after being rescued by Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc.)

(Cupcake at 3 weeks old)

Sadly Cupcake suffers from a horrible medical condition called ‘Ectopic Ureters’. Ectopic ureters is a congenital abnormality affecting the ureters, the tube that leads from the kidneys to the bladder. An ectopic ureter is one which does not empty into the bladder as is normally expected. Rather, it empties urine into another location. In the female, ectopic ureters often empty into the vaginal canal, uterus or vagina. One or both ureters may be involved.

Most patients with ectopic ureters will experience severe urinary complications including incontinence, infections, and urine scalding of tissue. Urine scalding is the result of the constant dribbling of urine containing acid and waste products on areas of skin, vaginal linings, etc. Ecoptic ureters can be a painful, uncomfortable condition which can have potential life threatening complications including kidney infections.

(Normal Ureters)

(Ectopic Ureters)

Cupcake is just a young puppy, she should be bounding around having fun, creating mischief and learning about the world. She shouldn’t be in discomfort and pain, she should be in her forever home by now, fit and healthy and surrounded by a family to call her own.

In order to fix Cupcakes illness, we have enlisted one of the best veterinary specialists to make sure she has the best chance possible but we need your help to make this a reality

We are asking you to donate to her care so we can save her life.

Cupcake needs :

- Full blood tests

- Excretory Urogram (a contrast dye is injected and as it passes through the ureters x-xrays are preformed to see where the abnormality is)

- Abdominal Utrasound

- CT scan

- Endoscope

- Keyhole laser surgery which includes moving her abnormally located ureters and re-attaching them to the correct location

- Hospitalisation

- Medication

Cupcake is only one puppy, and yes this operation is incredibly expensive for a small rescue organisation like ours, but she is one puppy who has already been through so much in her short life, shes a puppy who will do anything for a cuddle, who makes her foster carers young daughters smile everyday, who wants so badly to be pain free and to play like other puppies her age.

With your help we can do the necessary tests and operate on Cupcake to give her the best and brightest future possible.

With your donations we can ensure this amazing little dog can live a life free of pain and find her forever family. Please spare some Coins For Cupcake and help a little puppy gain her health and happiness


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