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Bring Back the Kitchen!

Coexist Community Kitchen started off in 2011, in Hamilton House,  and have since run workshops and cookery classes for thousands of people. We use cooking to empower people and encourage social change. We've been working with refugee projects, mental health services, young people and many other groups that benefit from the skills, confidence and relationships built through our cookery workshops. Coexist Community Kitchen also serves to support new businesses and independent caterers by offering affordable and professional facilities. 

A New Chapter

As some of you may know, we have been on the hunt for new premises after we were sadly asked to leave our last home at Hamilton House due to redevelopment plans. That hasn't stopped us though! We’ve been keeping community cooking alive in spaces across Bristol and now have the opportunity to build a brand-new kitchen and dining space in Mivart Studios, Easton. 

How do we create change through cooking?

Now more than ever we need spaces for people to come together and build stronger networks. The work we do with our partners has had an amazing impact; in the past 8 years we have run cookery programmes with hundreds of different projects, supporting people who access many amazing frontline services in Bristol and the South West. We use cookery as a vehicle to build self-esteem, challenge isolation and share skills. Cooking and eating together not only develops important skills but can help build valuable friendships. For many of the people we work with, the kitchen has become a therapeutic space.

Help make our new kitchen the best it can possibly be!

In order for us to get up and running again, we need the support of our community. With the money we raise we will be able to pay for a whole new fit out for the kitchen. This will be working with a local eco-architect to build a welcoming, functional and professional community kitchen.

With the money that you help us raise- we will be able to:

- Work with an amazing architect to support us in designs, planning permission, building regulations, fire safety (all the things we don't know enough about!). Check out our fab architect: Taus Larsen.

- Pay professional builders to completely re-do the space: walls, ceilings, electrics, plumbing, gas, new windows, doors, floor- EVERYTHING!

- All of this will help us then re-fit our amazing kitchen and get back on track to actually run the cookery classes and events that we love to do with the people we care about!

WHEN we raise £25,000 we will build it as soon as possible and be up and running by the Summer!!

Please Help us Bring our Kitchen Back!

We need your support, now more than ever. Help us secure this space and restart our community cooking projects!

We've got treats for you!

We've been overwhelmed by the support of the Bristol community already and are delighted to offer these perks and rewards gifted from meal vouchers at amazing restaurants, holidays, tasty veg boxes, yoga classes and places on our cookery workshops. Make sure you check out our perks list before you make your donation.

Find out more:


Facebook: Coexist Community Kitchen

Thanks so much to the amazing Blackbark women who made our film, Me and My Friends who supported us with the music and the wonderful Henry Taylor who has made this crowdfunder happen!

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